“I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for us.” (Insomnia, sensitivity, daughter with agonizing pains, high magnetic fields in bedrooms. Solution: installed insulating bushing on water service line to stop stray currents from neighborhood.)
H. J., Read More
“I’m, very pleased with your help today. You are the epitome of calm! I was so worried. You helped me put it into perspective and approach this logically.” (Consulted on phone about high magnetic fields and how to work with her own electrician.)
M. W., Read More
“You provide such a valuable service, thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate this.” (Issues: burning skin, felt shocks, couldn’t sleep in house. Solution: rented test meters to test all three EMFs, found/reduced high RF and electric fields.)
C. C., Read More
“I really feel the difference in the house… Its a big improvement for both the fields and how I feel. This is life changing, I am so thankful.” (Issues: EMF and chemical sensitivity. Solution: Turns off certain circuits to reduce electric fields, corded phone, etc.)
P. K. , Read More
“Thank you both for all of your time and effort. You are both so clear thinking. You are such a great help in establishing my priorities.” (Issue: Multiple EMF concerns about wiring, electric car charging, wireless devices, bluetooth in car, etc.)
B. B., Read More
“I am doing so much better! We moved back into the bedroom. I am actually sleeping in the bedroom again, and I am doing okay there! Thank you so much for all your work. Please use us a reference, we have great things to say about you.”
L. M., Read More
“Thank you so much for the computer grounding cord. It made such a difference on this laptop. I can’t believe what a difference it makes. I can sit at the computer without getting a headache.” (Solution: grounding cord to reduce the body voltage.)
H. V., Read More

Michael Neuert is an engineer and licensed contractor who has been helping people test and reduce electromagnetic fields, since 1992.

  • EMF specialist firmly grounded in the scientific approach
  • Engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin
  • California C-10 electrical contractor, licensed and bonded
  • 24 years of professional experience reducing EMFs in homes and offices
  • Practical experience with thousands of clients, many with EMF sensitivity

Thousands of studies have linked EMFs to adverse biological effects – cancer, suppression of the immune system, hormone and cellular changes, sleep problems, headaches, fatigue, and much more.  But what can you do?  In the short video on the right, Michael Neuert explains: What are EMFs and How to Protect Yourself!

What causes EMFs?  Electromagnetic fields are a kind of low-frequency radiation emitted by power lines, electrical wiring, cell towers, cell phones, computers,Wi-Fi routers, smart meters, kitchen appliances, fluorescent lights – almost every electrical device surrounding us in modern life!

What can you do?  We can help.  We provide all the services and products needed to help you test and reduce the EMFs in your home, school and workplace.  We look forward to working with you.

Electromagnetic Fields: How to Protect Yourself!