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Shielding Materials for the Reduction of Electromagnetic Fields...

MuMetal and similar high permeability magnetic foils are the best materials available today for shielding the magnetic fields commonly emitted from meter panels, breaker panels, transformers,  motors, refrigerators, appliances, computers and other electrical sources.

E-Shield Plastic is good for shielding the electric fields from many sources.  Since the strongest electric fields often come directly from appliance and lamp cords, special E-Shielded Cords are available to replace the standard unshielded cords on most lights and appliances. 

E-Silver Lining is a unique mesh fabric that can shield many of the high-frequency radio/microwave fields, as well as the electric fields.

Special note:  Most people will need a short telephone consultation (at the rate of $120 per hour, prorated for time actually used) to install the shielding materials properly, because improper placement can sometimes actually increase the fields, rather than reduce them.


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