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TriField 100XE


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TriField Model 100XE

        Measures Magnetic, Electric and RF/Microwave Fields!

                Purchase Price: $149, 7-Day Rental: $50

        This is the all-purpose meter that we recommend for most beginning users.  The TriField 100XE is unique in that it can measure magnetic fields, electric fields, and radio/microwave fields. (Normally this would require three different test meters.)  You save money by detecting all three kinds of EMFs with one easy-to-use instrument. 

        The TriField 100XE is a triple-axis meter (see also the Bell 4080).  It has three built-in sensors which measure the fields in all possible directions and calculate the total field strength for you.  You simply hold the meter where you wish to test and read the value on the display.  (Almost all other meters in this same price range are the single-axis type.  Single-axis meters require special positioning, multiple measurements and some math, to calculate the total field strength.)

        The TriField detects more frequencies than most other gaussmeters.  It detects both the "ELF" frequencies (from power lines, wiring, lights, appliances) and the higher "VLF" frequencies (from TVs, computers, fluorescent lights).

        The TriField 100XE measures low-level electric fields.  This is not a standard TriField Meter, which in our opinion is just not sensitive enough.  The "100XE" means that the meter is 100 times "extra sensitive" to electric fields than an ordinary TriField.

        Finally, the TriField 100XE also detects RF/microwave radiation from cordless and cellular phones, TV/radio/cellular broadcast towers, microwave ovens, wireless communication systems, radar, etc.

        The main disadvantage is that it sacrifices some measurement accuracy to provide all of these features at a low cost.  When more accuracy is needed, we recommend one of the other specialty meters.  For example, when searching for a new home or apartment, we recommend a more accurate gaussmeter like the Bell 4080 to pre-test the ELF magnetic fields from power lines, building wiring and other sources.  For individuals with serious health concerns or hypersensitivity to EMFs, we also recommend more sensitive electric field testing with a meter like the BV-E Tester.

TriField 100XE Selling Price: $149  (7-Day Rental: $50)  plus shipping.

Advantages of the TriField 100XE...

Relatively affordable all-purpose meter.
All three major kinds of EMFs (magnetic fields, electric fields and radio/microwave fields) can be detected with one simple meter.

Detects an unusually wide range of frequencies, including those from televisions, computers and fluorescent lights.
Most other gaussmeters can only measure the 60 hertz (ELF) frequencies, and so they typically miss the higher frequency (VLF) magnetic fields emitted from computers and electronics.

Triple-axis sensor makes it very easy to use, and provides more accurate readings.
Most meters are the single-axis type, which require attention to positioning and some math for true accuracy.

Sturdy, high quality all-purpose meter, with a good warranty and backing by the manufacturer.

Disadvantages of the TriField 100XE...

Sacrifices accuracy to measure all three types of EMF in one instrument, at a relatively low price.
For more accuracy, special meters that measure single components of the EMFs over a narrow range of frequencies are needed.

Limited sensitivity for measuring electric and RF/microwave fields.
While the TriField will detect magnetic fields as low as 0.2 milligauss, it's sensitivity to electric fields and RF/microwave radiation may not be enough for some users, especially those who are "electro-sensitive" or others who want to take much stronger steps towards the prevention of any EMF exposure.

TriField 100XE Selling Price: $149  (7-Day Rental: $50)  plus shipping.

Key Features & Specifications...


Multi-Purpose:  Detects all three kinds of EMFs magnetic fields, electric fields, and RF/microwave fields over an unusually wide range of frequencies.


Highly Sensitive:  Detects magnetic fields as low as 0.2 milligauss (mG), electric fields as low as 5.0 volts/meter (V/m), and RF/microwave fields as low as 0.01 mW/cm2.


Easy to Use:  Triple-axis sensors makes it simple and easy to take measurements of both the magnetic and electric fields.  Most people will take more accurate readings with a triple-axis meter.


Measures Magnetic Fields: in the ELF (extremely-low-frequency) and VLF (very-low-frequency) ranges including the magnetic fields from televisions, computers and fluorescent lights.  Sensitivity is from 0.2 to 100 milligauss (mG).  Frequency response is 30-500 Hz (frequency weighted so that higher frequencies with more energy register as a higher field strength number), with additional sensitivity up to 100 MHz.  Calibrated at 60 Hz.  Accuracy is +/- 20% in midrange.


Measures Electric Fields: in both the ELF and VLF ranges.   Sensitivity is from 5 to 1,000 Volts/meter (V/m).  Frequency response is 30-500 Hz (frequency weighted), with  added sensitivity up to 100 MHz.  Calibrated for accuracy at 60 Hz.  Accuracy is +/- 30% in midrange.


Measures RF/Microwave Fields: emitted from cordless and cellular phones, radio and TV towers, microwave ovens, and wireless systems.  Sensitivity is from 0.01 to 1.0 milliWatt per square centimeter (mW/cm2).  Frequency response is 50 MHz to 3 GHz.  Calibrated for accuracy at 2 GHz (microwave oven frequency).  Accuracy is -50% to +100%.


Analog Display:  Needle-type display (not digital); adjust knob for different functions; portable hand held convenience.


Battery:  Uses one standard 9 Volt battery (included).  Typical battery life is 50 hours of use.

TriField 100XE Selling Price: $149  (7-Day Rental: $50)  plus shipping.


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