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    3 Meter Discounted Packages

    For health testing purposes, we offer 3 meter combo packages (at a discounted price) to help you test for all three kinds of EMFs.  All of the combo packages include the Alpha UHS gaussmeter (for magnetic fields) and the Body Volt Meter (for electric fields).  The difference between packages is which radio frequency (RF) meter you choose.

    If you are on a tight budget we usually recommend Combo Package #1 with the Acousticom, because it is the lowest cost RF meter available with enough accuracy and sensitivity.  If you have sufficient funds, we usually recommend Combo #2 with the Acoustimeter, which is similar but has more helpful features.  And for certain situations, you could also choose Combo #3 with the TES 593 EMF.   (For more information, please refer to the individual test meter pages.)