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How to Test 5G and Protect Yourself from 5G Signals

May 2023 Update: Arrival of the New mmWave Test Meters!

By Michael R Neuert, ©2023

We are now in the middle stages of 5G implementation.  But it is important to keep in mind that there are essentially two different kinds of 5G!  I explain this in the following 3 videos, including what type of RF meter is needed for each kind of 5G.

#1. FIRST, THE VAST MAJORITY OF 5G AT THIS TIME IS VERY SIMILAR TO 4G!  This type of 5G uses similar frequencies to 4G.  These 5G frequencies are referred to as Low Band and Mid Band.  It is expected that the main backbone for most modern 5G wireless systems for many years to come, will continue to be within these two frequency ranges.  Note: These are the 5G frequencies (below 8 GHz) that are already detected by the Safe & Sound Pro II, the Acoustimeter AM-11, the Acousticom-2, and the Safe and Sound Classic (RF meters we currently recommend).  Please see the following 2 videos for more detail. 

Below is an updated video series by Michael, explaining how to protect yourself from 5G, including helpful information about what 5G actually is: the different frequencies involved, what meters to use, how to test it, how to avoid it, remove it, shield it, and more…

5G is Here: How to Protect Your Health - Part 1 - What is 5G? What are the Sources of 5G?

5G is Here: How to Protect Yourself - Part 2 - How to Test, Avoid, Remove and Shield 5G

#2. HIGH BAND MILLIMETER WAVES:  The other type of 5G is called High Band.  Unlike the Low and Mid Bands, 5G High Band uses frequencies higher than 8 GHz.  These are called millimeter waves.  For various technical reasons, there still is relatively little use of 5G High Band at this time by the telecommunication industry, but this will be changing.  And until now, there also were no reasonably priced 5G High Band test meters available to measure millimeter waves.  But several new models are starting to appear on the market, and we will keep you updated on the mmWave test meters as they become available.  See my student video below for more information about the new Freedom Monitor FM5 and the Safe & Sound Pro MMWave Meter.

Below is a video recording from our recent Q&A session with EMF eCourse students, about the new millimeter wave meters that are coming…

EMF eCourse Q&A April 20, 2023:

The Millimeter Wave Meters are Coming!

Please see the first approximately 23 minutes of this Q&A video with students for my update about millimeter wave RF test meters.

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