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    About Us

    About “Neuert Electric & Electromagnetic Services”

    Michael is the owner and founder of “Neuert Electromagnetic Services” — a company providing a full line of EMF services since 1992.  Located in the wine country just north of San Francisco, we serve the entire San Francisco Bay Area with EMF services such as testing, consulting, troubleshooting, repairing, shielding and rewiring.  Michael also makes visits to other US locations and Canada, with special arrangements made for travel costs.

    About “Michael Neuert”

    Michael, 1994 Michael, 2010

    Most of the information on this site is provided by Michael R Neuert.  Michael is an engineer, electrical contractor, and health enthusiast who has provided specialized EMF services with clients for over 24 years.

    Michael Neuert holds a Bachelor of Science Degree In Engineering from the University of Wisconsin (1978) and a Masters Degree in Human Systems Psychology from Sonoma State University in California (1984). He is also a licensed C-10 Electrical Contractor, and is licensed and bonded in the State of California.

    Michael began his professional career as a design engineer with Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester, New York.  After moving to California, Michael began his work with electromagnetic fields (EMFs) as a project engineer responsible for the design of a special low-EMF electric blanket.

    Like many of his clients now, Michael had experienced sensitivity and health issues related to EMFs for many years.  But while going though the scientific literature on EMFs to gather information for the electric blanket project, Michael was amazed to discover the large number of research studies which had already reported adverse biological effects linked to electromagnetic fields.

    In 1992, after testing and improving the EMF situation in his own home, Michael began offering EMF testing and reduction services to others, and has been busy with this work ever since.  He has designed several low-EMF products including a shielded alarm clock, shielded telephone and several computer shields, and has also developed special guidelines for the installation of shielded “Low-EMF” electrical wiring systems.

    As an electrical contractor, Michael has provided on-site EMF measurement, repairs and shielding — and in some cases has installed the “Low-EMF” wiring systems — for homes and commercial buildings throughout the San Francisco Bay area.  He has also consulted with hundreds of clients nationwide via the telephone.

    Over the years Michael has worked successfully with a wide range of clients — from individuals with debilitating symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) and chronic health issues such as chronic fatigue and Lyme Disease — to corporations with difficult electromagnetic interference (EMI) and other EMF problems in large commercial buildings.

    About “Satya Giordano”

    Satya Giordano

    Satya, also called Sam, has been personally trained by Michael Neuert.  He has actively been doing this work since 2014.  He began working with Michael’s company as an independently contracted test technician since 2015.  He does most of the initial onsite EMF assessments, and Michael is only called in when an electrician or engineering expertise is needed.  He is passionate about making the world a safer and healthier, and does special independent work supporting EMF-reduction for schools.