Alpha RF Meter to Measure Radiofrequency Fields

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The Alpha RF Meter is very easy to use.  Measurements cover a very wide range of frequencies, and is accurate down to about 0.01 µW/cm².  Better for measuring analog RF fields, like AM and FM radio station broadcasts, as well as ham radio.

The Alpha RF is less sensitive to digital microwaves, and we would recommend the Acoustimeter or Acousticom for testing modern digital wireless signals like cell antennas, smart meters, Wi-Fi and other wireless devices.

Key Features and Specifications…

  • Name of Meter:  Alpha RF Meter
  • Test Meter Measures:  Radio frequency (RF) including microwave fields.
  • Frequency Range:  0.5 MHz up to 3 GHz (with some sensing at 5.8 GHz).
  • Type of Fields:  Very good for analog fields, but marginal for digital fields (measures “average” only, thus no “peak” or “instantaneous” measurements for digital signals).
  • Features:  Digital Display.  Wide or narrow band frequency switch.
  • Units of Measure:  Measures field strength in microwatts per centimeter squared (µW/cm²).
  • Sensitivity:  Accuracy as low as 0.01 µW/cm² (detects as low as 0.001 µW/cm², but not accurate).
  • Easy to Use:  Single-axis, but uncomplicated and easy to use.