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Using a Shielding Canopy to Reduce EMFs

Shielded canopies are often used to help people reduce certain EMF exposures at night while they sleep.  They can also be used during the day around a work desk, couch, or other living area.

Try Other Solutions First

Generally, I always try to eliminate the actual sources of the EMFs first.  This is because there can be both positive and negative effects from the use of a shielding canopy.  For example, it is usually much more effective to turn off a Wi-Fi router, than to shield yourself from it.

Michael’s Advice on Canopies

Therefore, I only recommend shielding canopies after all other options have been tried, or ruled out.  And ultimately, the actual performance of a canopy – including the reaction of a sensitive person – will depend on a variety of conditions.  (See link above to purchase Michael’s training video about canopies.)

What Types of EMFs Can a Canopy Shield?

There are three main types of EMFs.  Depending on the design, a shielding canopy can help reduce one or two of those EMFs, but not all of them.  First, most shielding canopies will reduce radio frequency fields (RF) from things like cell towers, smart meters, and Wi-Fi routers.  Second, if a canopy is grounded, it can also reduce the ELF electric fields.  (Note: In some situations, if the canopy is not grounded, it can make the electric fields worse.  See Michael’s training video for more information.)  And third, none of the canopies can reduce ELF magnetic fields.

Shielding Materials

Generally, a shielded canopy will consist of some type of metallized shielding fabric, suspended on some type of frame, that completely surrounds the bed.  There are a variety of materials available.  Some can be grounded, and some cannot.  Some are more effective at shielding RF than others.  Some allow more light and air through than others.  (See link below to access Michael’s informational video about shielding canopies.)

Faraday Cage Design

Basically, a shield canopy is a Faraday Cage.  A Faraday Cage is when you use conductive materials to completely surround yourself, or any given space, with no openings or gaps in any direction.  Thus a complete Faraday Cage canopy includes shielding material above, on all four sides, and also on the floor below.  In many cases, complete containment is very important, because even a 1/4 inch opening can allow substantial RF fields to leak through.

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