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Reducing EMFs in Commercial Buildings

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2021 Update: After 30 years, Michael is partially retiring from his work as an EMF consultant, and is no longer taking on new clients.  He continues to coach new students through the Q&As for the full eCourse, develop new EMF training materials, and consult with all of his previous clients.  Satya Giordano, Michael’s EMF apprentice and business partner for seven years, is now running the EMF Center.  He is accepting new clients, and is providing both on-site and telephone consulting services.

Commercial Buildings

Many large commercial buildings have problems with electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) . The issues typically range from concerns about human health and safety — to interference problems with computers and medical instruments — to serious and costly problems with the operation of sensitive electronic equipment.

In fact, problems with EMFs, EMI and “dirty voltage” are on the increase. Typical sources include power lines and transformers, electrical metering and distribution equipment, building wiring systems, electrical grounding problems, stray currents and voltages in metal water and gas pipes, electric motors and machinery, computers, fluorescent lighting, electronic power supplies and equipment, and many other sources.

Michael Neuert is an engineer and licensed California electrical contractor, with over 28 years experience in the testing and mitigation of troublesome EMF and EMI problems in commercial and industrial buildings. The following are four case examples, to give some familiarity with the typical types of problems and solutions.

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