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    Convert Your Rental To A Purchase

    Convert your rental to a purchase?  Yes if you want, you can convert your rental to a purchase, and apply half of the first week’s rental fee towards the purchase price.

    Why would you do this?  After using the rental meters for a week, this is something that many of our clients discover they want to do.  There are several common reasons for this…

    1. Many people are unsure about buying a meter, or how much they will like it or use it. Renting is a convenient low-cost way to try out the meter first without committing to a higher-cost purchase.  So after using it during the “trial rental period”, they then decide to buy it and keep it.
    1. Some people realize that they will need the meter for extra weeks – or will need to rent it again in the future – to retest the EMFs after making the necessary changes and modifications to reduce the EMFs they discovered with the meter. And they can save money by buying rather than continuing to rent.
    1. Most often, people are surprised to see how valuable the meter can be to them, and decide to keep it for continuing use such as: checking that the Wi-Fi is really turned off at their router and computers, that the Bluetooth in the new car is really turned off, that the new refrigerator or other appliance they bought does not have any wireless, that the emissions from cell towers or nearby power lines are not increasing, etc.

    Amount of rental credit applied:  You can apply half of your first week’s rental fee for any test meter towards the purchase of either…

    1. The rental meter that you already have (comes with a one year warranty from us), or
    2. A brand new meter of the same model (please note there will be added shipping costs)

    Warranty:  If you purchase the rental meter you already have, we provide our own warranty of one year from the date of your purchase.  Most people choose this option because it is the lowest cost (and the rentals are often relatively new due to the high turnover of people constantly buying them).

    Please note: If you choose to buy a brand new meter (of the exact same model), you will have the added shipping costs to pay for (a) returning the rental meter to us, plus (b) our shipment of the brand new meter to you (standard fee of $15).