Bake for 12-14 minutes until set. It is great to give your baby the chance to try fresh seasonal fruit, where possible. The countdown is on! Avocado and orange might sound like a crazy combination, but trust me it works! I made these with baby oatmeal cereal, which is finely ground, in the same proportion as the recipe calls for. If you’re in need of some updated breakfast inspiration or you’re looking for a baby led weaning friendly breakfast then these delicious breakfast muffins made with Weetabix and wholemeal flour make a perfect instant breakfast for kids and adults. With baby-led feeding, you skip the feeding by spoon stage and go straight to finger foods. The babies LOVED them! I absolutely love muffins for baby led weaning breakfast (or lunch or snack or dinner or anytime). Thanks!! xo. If your baby does better with larger chunks of food that they can grab onto, try baking these muffins in mini loaf tins or square muffin tins and cutting them into strips. Find the Recipe Here Preheat the oven to 180c / 350f and line a muffin tray with 10 paper cases. Muffins are good for lunches, snacks, parties, picnics, finger food, the car, the lunchbox, and, best of all, the freezer. These satisfying little muffins are a perfect solution to the breakfast time conundrum, satisfying and healthy they offer your kids, big and small, something different and tasty. Pour slowly into the dry ingredients, stirring together as you go. Just pop the amount you need into the oven and reheat until soft the entire way through. Thank you for the recipe! Apples and raisins are both loaded with fibre, and together, they offer heaps of vitamin C, calcium, antioxidants, iron, and more. Make a well in the center and add the mashed banana, mashed avocado and applesauce. These bran muffins are delicious hot out of the oven with a touch of butter and sprinkled with a few grains of salt. Bake for about 12 minutes, until the muffins are springy and a … The perfect treat or on the go snack and full of green goodness too. Preheat oven to 350°F. Place all ingredients in blender container; cover. Flax seeds and oat flour add tons of heart-healthy fiber, as well. As long as the baby oatmeal still has its oatmeal texture (not ground up or already cooked), it should work just great! The babies LOVED them! Thanks so much for sharing and for the tip. The pictures of your babies made me smile wide!! Bake for 10-12 … What if I told you it was possible to combine two of the most delicious comfort foods into one healthy finger food that your family will gobble down faster than you can cool? The base recipe is very similar to the spinach sweet potato muffins and the blueberry muffins… These rhubarb muffins are so delicious and are a perfect baby led weaning muffin. would regular rolled oats (instead of quick cook) work for this recipe and would i need to make any adjustments? They are lunchbox friendly and addition of teff flour is both flavorsome and nutritious. These lunchbox muffins are so easy to make, all the ingredients are mixed together in one bowl and then baked in a muffin tin in the oven. I often get asked for healthy baby led feeding breakfast ideas and as Mum of 3 I know what a struggle breakfast time can be. Mini muffins offer the perfect opportunity to back loads of goodness into food for you little ones and this recipe is a great example. At 11 months, my daughter would eat about 2 of these muffins per meal depending on what else I would serve with them. These nutritious and delicious little muffins are baked with your baby’s favorite foods! Hi Nikki! Hi can i replace the banana (since my lo is allergic to it) with another apple sauce cup or peach sauce cup? Mix the flour and baking powder together and then slowly add to the wet ingredients. Banoffee muffins with cream & salted caramel. Its so filling and tasty with the goodness of vegetables and cheese. They’re so simple to make and the babies love them! Enjoy! Certainly not the best muffins I’ve ever eaten, but they’re actually pretty tasty for how healthy they are. Their favorites are bananas, steamed carrots, baked apples, steamed broccoli, and baked sweet potato strips. Easy . This site and all of its contents are the copyright of Baby Led Feeding. (And I’ve tried a bunch.) Easy . I love the smell of muffins perfuming my house with sweet, buttery aromas. Enjoy! So glad he loves them. Savoury muffins for babies and toddlers Nine I just made these again with Simbry. The recipe is very simple to prepare and it’s a sweet treat for little ones without any refined sugar!! As far as baby led weaning breakfast goes, you cannot ask for a more nutritious option. If you enjoyed this collection, check out these: 30 Ultimate Pancake Recipes for Baby Led Weaning, 15 Super Healthy Breakfasts for Baby Led Weaning, The Ultimate List of Baby and Toddler Finger Foods, Your email address will not be published. They are made from a yogurt and whole wheat base with minimal butter and can certainly hold their own against their not-as-nutritious counterparts. I hope your little one loves them! So feel free to play around with these muffins and use any combination of baby foods for a total of about 2 cups! Hi Shauna! Carrot and tomato with shrimps, coconut milk, curry and coriander baby purée recipe (from 12 months) Toddler recipe: Salmon & sweet potato muffins. In continuing with my baby blender muffin series, I’ve developed another healthy version of a classic – carrot cake. . Yes, as long as your baby is able to eat a heartier oat. Do you know how much fiber is in these muffins? Great for school lunches, snacks and as a finger food for babies! Line a 12-hole muffin tin with muffin cases. Tag @thebakermama on Instagram and hashtag it #thebakermama. Hi Nikki! I am looking for ways to use the left overs. They freeze well so you can make ahead in bulk and freeze for when you need them. Blueberry and lemon muffins recipe; Blueberry and lemon muffins recipe. Around 16-18 minutes. I won’t lie, I’ve eaten my fair share of muffins since I’ve been baking them for the babies and I’m really liking them! baby spinach, garlic, toasted sesame oil, vegetable oil, yellow onion and 9 more Basic Healthy Muffin Recipe Fit Foodie Finds coconut sugar, fruit, baking soda, maple syrup, coconut oil, … Hi Marilena! Bake in the oven at 190c / 380f for 12-15 minutes or until the muffins are cooked through. Oatmeal & Blueberry Muffins for Babies Jump to Recipe. Blend for 20 seconds on low, scrape down the sides of the blender. . Hi Erin! It only takes about 10 minutes and that smell in your kitchen…it will get the kids up, I promise! Save this recipe. They’re soft and can be sucked on and gummed down. Serve chilled, at room temperature, or slightly warmed. For those of you looking for recipe ideas for your baby or toddler, you’ll love this four-ingredient freezer-friendly recipe! Your email address will not be published. The texture of these muffins is so perfect for little eaters to confidently enjoy. Muffins are a great finger food to try for baby led weaning. Hi Lin! ), it is also a great source of Omega 3,6,9 and it contains vitamin E too! Whole wheat flour. I love how diverse mini muffins are, as you’ll see from my round up of recipes below, there are loads of options for both sweet and savoury ideas. Hi Megan! These 13 baby led weaning muffins also make great sugar free muffins for toddlers. This muffin pan recipe is one to keep handy, as it’s loaded to the brim with courgette and carrots, but the pear and applesauce keep it a sweet secret. My babe has an oat allergy but I would love to try these, getting fruit and veggies into his diet is getting harder by the day! Carrot Zucchini Muffins: Ingredients and Substitutions. Will that work? The sweet, and moist banana flavor is prominent enough to be the star of the show. In addition, the eggs and the beans mean that they are loaded with proteins! I care for him 40+ hours a week and I am always looking for healthy foods for him. Thanks! Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 5 days. Stir until well combined. Great for play groups! I weaned him using the baby-led weaning method and was always looking for great finger foods that I could take out and about with me. The mixture is a little different to my normal muffin mixture and is more like a rhubarb sponge cake bite than a muffin. Inspired by Peppa’s vegetable garden, these light and fluffy muffins contain apple and parsnip and are sweet but healthy muffin option for your baby or toddler. Fold in … Our little dude is no longer little. Variations: Feel free to use any combination of your baby’s favorite mashed foods for a total of 2 cups. Scoop batter evenly among the 24 mini muffin cups, filling each one completely full. So go bake a batch and you’ll have a happy baby (or two!) Absolutely, they’ll still turn out and taste great. Set aside. I had to extend the baking time by about 10 minutes but it worked perfectly! Freeze, once fully cooled, in a freezer bag with as much air removed as possible for up to 6 months. The best thing though about these baby muffins is that they are sweetened with only banana! Whole wheat flour. Average rating (I want to rate!) I only work with companies that I love and believe in. Your email address will not be published. I always keep a supply in the freezer, he loves them frozen especially when new teeth are coming in! Save this recipe. Place all of the ingredients in a blender or food processor, in the order listed, except for the 3/4 cup … He is almost four and 1/2 now and has a 2 1/2 year old sister. In a large bowl, stir together the flour, oats, baking powder, baking soda, and cinnamon. However, I have had good results using flax eggs when I’m in a pinch (and ran out of eggs) for several years in different baking recipes. The first thing I noticed about this avocado banana muffins recipe is that the muffins have a slight hint of avocado flavor. Love it, Nicole! All of these muffin recipes have eggs in them and I haven’t personally made these recipes without eggs. I made them in regular muffin tins and cooked for 18minutes. Mini muffins are the perfect size for little hands and the most ideal food to start your baby weaning journey. We used oat flour, and they turned out well! Pizza muffins are an all-in-one-pan recipe that will please your pickiest eaters, and each batch is stuffed with an entire cup kale for a boost of protein, vitamins A, C, K, and more. These baby meatloaf muffin tins are the perfect freezer-friendly finger food meal for the baby or your toddler. Best foundational recipe for baby banana breads I’ve found. Preheat oven to 375 degree F and grease a 24 cup mini muffin pan with nonstick spray. He was feeding himself from the very first bite. That’s so great to hear! Lightly grease a mini muffin pan with non-stick cooking spray. When Baker was a baby, we decided to try baby-led feeding and it worked great! Find the Recipe Here. Use the same base recipe but customize your own vegetable muffins to suit your child’s taste. Add the cheese, milk, yogurt, olive oil and egg and stir until combined. Hi Karen! I’ve got some hungry, growing boys on my hands! As I was steaming and baking food for them one week, I thought it would be nice to come up with a way to combine some of their favorite foods into a nutritious little muffin that they could feed to themselves. baby spinach, garlic, toasted sesame oil, vegetable oil, yellow onion and 9 more Basic Healthy Muffin Recipe Fit Foodie Finds coconut sugar, fruit, baking soda, maple syrup, coconut oil, … Are you looking for delicious, but also healthy muffins for your baby, toddler, or even older kids? See more ideas about baby muffins, shower, baby shower. Whip up a batch of tempting muffins from our easy recipes. As always, let’s chat about some of the ingredients in this carrot zucchini muffin recipe, and possible substitutions. Pumpkin Spice Muffins for Baby + Toddler Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Spray or line a mini muffin tray. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email safe. By mixing the ingredients up in a food processor you can create awesome chocolatey fudgy avocado muffin bites, similar in texture to a gooey chocolate brownie. These beautifully soft and moist Apple Cinnamon and Raisin Muffins are surprisingly sweet, but they contain no added sugar—it’s all in the fruit! Secondly, homemade muffins just taste so much better! Every single one of these recipes is free of refined flours, sugar, any artificial sweeteners (including stevia), and basically any sweetener that isn’t fruit (yes, even honey and maple syrup!) These healthy banana and courgette wholemeal muffins with chocolate chips are sure to be a hut for babies and toddlers alike. I couldn’t say for sure on serving size as the amount of food that babies and toddlers eat varies from day to day and meal to meal.