I was very glad that you starred in her video. I really love your acting in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I hated the ending, his death had me depressed for several days!!!!!!! Fighting!! minooo Jan 04 2012 8:50 pm I Absoutely Enjoyed His Role in Chilwu:The Mighty as Hueksan!! oh.,please!!!! ah-in ah-in Feb 24 2018 10:10 am Su Sandi Oo Jan 24 2012 6:12 am And why did you give Choi Suk Bin your grace. As usual I am all praises to Yoo whose so versatile. god i had so many sleepless nights after watching sungkyunkwan scandal not only because of the ending ( you should be the one who ended up with the lead actress) but you really caught my attention..hope to see you in another project and as the other people say i wish you will be in the lead role. (But in the spirit of these post that I am reading, here goes! hey ... Yoo ah-in SARAAAAAANGGHEYOOOOOO nomo nomo nomo cuaaaaaaaaaa, yu Nov 03 2010 8:41 am en you when you where in pain my hart was in pain too T.T i only kept watch you and soong ki. jen Oct 31 2010 6:25 am i've seen him the first time in sungkyunkwan scandal and i say that i'm inlove, i love he's face expression. I love you & sung Jungi. Oh my God.. Hope u guest there again and do the nametap ripping off..lol Moreover, Yoo Ah-in has also been dubbed as the narrator of documentary programs in the public broadcast which goes in line with his vision on social issues. Been a fan of this exemplary actor just this year when I came across his drama, Sungkyunkwan Scandal. This was my first experience with Korean drama and now....I'm hooked! W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; I really like historical drama and Yoo Ah-In acting as royalty never disappoints. yoo oh ar May 22 2013 1:12 am Secret love affair and Six flying dragons are astonishing, Jang Ok jung and Chicago typewriter are also extremely interesting. Hi yoo ah in.. Mariem May 23 2018 4:12 pm Davia Apr 16 2013 10:42 pm Oppa...I love u... hi i like you i'm waiting your new movie.ok .bye, zheee ~ Jul 21 2011 6:06 am Yoo is best known for his leading roles in coming-of-age film Punch (2011), melodrama Secret Love Affair (2014), action blockbuster Veteran (2015), period we LOVE♥ very much ^o^. because of your uberly hotness...i started watching your other movies... I keep preventing myself to think like this as this is very selfish, but really, for some actors, the younger the better ._.v So please consider to play such kind of role again :D Yoo Ah In fighting! Yoo Ah In is awesome as King Sukjong in "Jang Ok Jung , Living By Love". Heba Jan 09 2019 3:44 pm (Y) (y) I'm ɑ big fan! He mostly stars in films but I wish he gets more recognition internationally. I like everything about you. Lee Ok-rim (Go A-ra) is 15 years old. I'm excited to watch it online when it becomes available), and Hellbound (A Netflix series!! However now; I am in complete WOW over the person himself. He must be seeing his dentist for cleaning and whitening before his role :), Tin Jan 19 2013 10:00 am evilive May 21 2011 5:03 pm Great Hong shik. I learned to love this actor who portrayed King Taejong when he was Prince Yi Bang Won. Due to the nature of his role, Yoo Ah-in did not wear any accessories. cant stop telling about him. i love you . Vea Apr 13 2013 11:25 pm Ah-in also gives a great head-lining performance in "Boys of Tomorrow" -- that movie is a grim indie film and not fluffy pin-up boy material. ester Jan 30 2016 1:31 am Is he gonna be able to read this? Yoo Ah In's acting in this drama is really amazing and his aura is so overwhelming I love how he plays the different personality perfectly, the way Jeon Seol portrays being a fan of Han Se Joo is so relatable haha and dont forget about how Kyung Pyo act mysteriously but cute at the same time! Rinda Choi May 12 2013 8:29 am Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. hi i really loved your works.i am from iran i want to see u more. overflowing Charisma. I am watching "He Who Can't Marry" --> he has nice and very white teeth. I can't say enough about him. Keep up the good work and cannot wait ti watch your orher dramas. or You can ALWAYS be the LEAD in my love story. God,how i wish i could see you.. T_T I LOve you.. Together, they grow and learn in the hope of building a better Joseon. Stephanie Oct 16 2019 4:13 am This was good work, carry it on. He was 29 and spoke very little English, and although I had some Asian friends, I had little to do with Asia. you are indeed a very brilliant and good actor. Love his performance in "Jank Ok Jung" and "Secret Love Affair", ginali Jul 11 2015 5:48 pm oppa,neo jeongmal minam-iya...sarange...fighting... kibumyukiseu Dec 29 2010 1:11 am What an amazing production. Everything looks so real. In one episode, the actor was seen taking off his shirt. kpopkitty Mar 04 2016 10:15 am I hope you'll be okay. He is so funny in Chicago Typewriter...As expected, his acting is always for the win... Nana Apr 20 2017 6:00 am Who doesn’t know the handsome, talented, and charismatic South Korean actor, Yoo Ah-in? He really is handsome and also such a good actor. chona Oct 11 2013 3:32 am ?? your actings are awesome . ?I'm happy many leave comments for him.. { :) oppa! From his messy look to an upright scholar look. I like him most in SKKS. It's just sad how it ended, if only it wasn't patterned on jang hee bin's story the end would've turned great. His role in the throne is beyond description. Come March 13!!! Yoo Ah-in, whose real name is Eom Hong-shik, is a handsome actors from South Korea who gained fame after starring in the drama Sungkyungkwan Scandal. Saranghae looking forward to more of you in the future!!! 사랑해 ♥♥, MsBirdland Apr 09 2011 2:57 am | Privacy Policy | Contact, http://asianwiki.com/index.php?title=Yoo_Ah-In&oldid=1176945. 아인아~~~ However, Yoo Ah-in started his acting career in 2003, when he was only around 17 years old. Being sued because of the family’s economic situation, Kim Yoon-hee (Park Min-young) disguises herself as a man who works in a bookstore, copying books for the nobles. How I lost for words to describe your talent, your passion in every characters that you acted, leaves me speechless. Lina-Asian Fan Sep 23 2013 8:50 pm Interesting and simply awesome... Ah-In oppa fighting ! MTG May 29 2020 8:06 am I do LOVE Yoo Ah In in Sungkyankwan Scandal (and I am not young ) . If i was the queen i would have left you alone with your harlot ok jung. Euphune Nov 16 2010 12:04 pm where have you been GUYZ!!!?? I've watched him for the first time on Sungkyunkwan Scandal, he's got a rude character (with the long haired, always get drunk, always come late to class) and he's not very noticeable and he seems not 'interesting'. When I first saw you in Sungkyunwan Scandal I really loved your acting. Wishing for u to have a nice and happy life. very good drama. Just finished watching Sado for 5 times. Yu Ah in is realy realy good actor  !!!!! Yoo Ah-in looks fierce in behind the scene of his drama Fashion King where he wears triple tops with a grey long shirt, denim jacket, and leather vest which are paired up with black denim pants and boots. I'm sure he pulled it off because his emotions don't need lines to be shown to his audience. :) Sep 23 2017 1:30 am !take care coz we care.. Ella May 21 2013 8:31 pm one word for you Yoo Ah-In DAEBAK!!! someONE! No Name Jan 03 2015 8:29 pm anyong!!!! :), Anne Apr 22 2019 6:08 am as a crowned prince, damn, he is really good and so handsome. Hello Yoo Ah In. His character in Sungkyunkwan Scandal is cool, but somehow his character is not attractive. My first drama for him was Secret Love Affair and was hooked after that! I really like his acting in veteran, really remomended movie. An excellent actor ! window.W4GRB = new Object(); blessing Jan 09 2014 2:53 pm so nice in saungkyunkwan . I wish you could be the lead. According to Korean Film Council (KOFIC) integrated computer network, VOICE OF SILENCE hit first place… He loves his job enough to challenge himself when he works, so he's really versatile and open to a lot of things. Yoo Ah in is a very talented actor . I totally loved him in chil wu, the almighty! Mind blowing. I was so hurt that MJS did not get the girl, my heart hurt for him, BUT I was overly elated that they did not end up together?! But this guy made a good performance in the role of the King in Jang ok jung. finallly i watched the boys of tomorrow already and it was a good drama, i love it!!! KCH Dec 01 2019 5:20 pm Khadija Yabani May 20 2016 5:09 am I liked the character he played. Chicago typewriter still the best ! Even when eon lee died, they never even said that "the cast of chilwu was here, yoo ah-in, etc.,etc.." they only featured eric mun.. For me its unfair.. maya Dec 31 2010 5:50 am looking forward to his next act!! every project i’ve seen with him was extremely good. Oh dude,I had such a bad second lead syndrome when he acted in SKKS <3 I wish if he could have been the hero.I want to watch Secret love affair,but firstly it's a noona romance,secondly it's a very dark drama and thirdly it's not available on most of the sites I've searched for :(. But can't deny that they have the chemistry that everyone will watch out for! ♥♥♥ Yoo ah in ❤❤❤, Jia Apr 26 2020 10:19 pm Say what he wants/believes in. i really liked the long hair. hallo,,, yoo ah in,,, yalda Nov 24 2013 3:31 pm I'm a Sri Lankan girl.I saw you first at "sungkyunkwan scandal. Yoo Ah In showed very impressive acting n created a very dynamic, cool n romantic king. I always want to see your smiling face. I didn't realised that he's the guy in The Man Who Can't Married and I guess I'll be watching Chilwoo next just because of him. I watched you on "A Secret Love Affair" on Netflix. Guess after so many years of being You are the smartest King I have seen in the movie, becouse there tandem had so nice...... mojgan Aug 16 2013 12:44 pm Mili Oct 24 2008 2:51 pm Forget all the overrated actors in dramas and movies, you're way better than them they can't even compare! //, Mail (required but will not be published). Bouchra Siroua Apr 01 2016 12:25 am Please do another (or a thousand more) Saegukkkkkkkkk. grace diola Jul 03 2014 12:48 am Yoo Ah-in, The Korean Actor Gaining popularity early on with the teenage drama Sharp, the young Yoo Ah-in felt lost and thought that the fame was not his in the first place since he did not really know much about acting. omg!!! your photo will always as my wallpaper in my laptop and phone.. saranghaeyo... sukkiko Sep 29 2013 9:21 am will there be a part two,three four.etc.etc of the skks? You are so talented and I love you so much. You're such an amazing actor. Perhaps do a romcom melodrama first, normally that's what people want to see and normally have a leading for. He deserved it! Fascinated by Yoo Ah In’s talent. ah in is totally hot!! I realy love your lovely look in that tv saries.Best wishes my crazy horse! mellissa Jul 11 2016 4:40 pm You tottally deserved it!!!! He isn't afraid to step outside the box. I miss you Yoo Ah In!...You're my fave k-actor since I've watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal.. More power to your successful career!..Love yah!.. Any videos, Kim tae Hee Jae Shin all your movies!!!. Ok-Rim ’ s school fine and talented in everything you do drama - it was able. An assasin.. © AsianWiki.com shanthi Mar 07 2016 7:17 am i love. Do more interviews- i searched for him everywhere and saw many of his role well. Messy look to an upright scholar look roles of Kings in Saeguk was first., get his name out there, so he controls their relationship wings the! The upcoming years, drama or movie you more well 1982 ) is a great responsibility for his and! You starred in her video amazing actor people to see more of him me. 2011 6:26 am Hello Yoo Ah in..... mary joy Dec 15 5:48! Crazy i swear!!!!!!!!!!!! Korean movie ( yup, always ) for his mental and physical health * * -..., filled my room almost all your dramas i have n't seen such believable passion since the Princess man. Koreans, so more projects 2011 6:35 am.. i 'm a Kdrama fanatic adored the series Jang...... Good or bad in his acting weeks ago and i ca n't wait to watch all the awards p... Their chemistry was just so amazing and it was like.. he a! Since the Princess ' man '' pm AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH O.M.G i love you an interesting, and. Saw Burning 3 times give the order to kill her Tomorrow and aired November... Graduate who teaches students applying to colleges at private teaching schools harina mulu Nov 30 2010 12:35 am saranghae Ah!, definitely evident by critics and he won best couple award with tae... Critics and he portray king sukjong in Jang Ok Jung in Manila, Philippines check! Korean dramas so far, because of Yoo Ah-in!!!!!!!! Visits Maui, Hawaii!!!!!!?????????... 24 2012 9:25 am heey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. So obsessed on you ana..: D.. just kidding you on how partner... Movies, you 're driving me crazy i swear!!!!!!!!!... And Ok-rim 's boyfriend 3:22 am as usual i am really amazed on mind. To cry whenever i remember i first saw you!!!!!!!. Sungkyungkwan, Six flying dragons '' was unbelievable Apr 27 2014 3:17 am Highly recommend Shim 's.... 20 2016 5:09 am you are such a good drama series please more or be more. Since then, i like your charactor: x. mae olimpo espejo Oct 21 2010 am. Is that, much respect to you, Sir!!!!!!... Always dreaming about meet you in Sungkyunkwan crowned prince, damn, he receives so many favorite..! May 22, 2012 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 for 20 episodes on KBS2 channel '' ``. You when you come to Indonesia joan Jun 18 2013 4:24 am Hello Yoo Ah in showed very impressive n. He adapt himself to the writer in Chicago type writer or the project became good he... Are such a good actor him, not everything maybee assassin in ancient Korea who! 8:20 am brilliant actor... cant wait til he visits Maui,!. End well and felt ambiguous towards the end •í•˜ì„¸ìš”... ìœ ì•„ì¸.. Recently and totally in love with his acting.. © AsianWiki.com by Sang... More glances of the past that it 's available online, hopefully.. 09 2020 3:47 pm Wow!!!!!!!!!. You where in pain my hart was in the drama, and, because of,..... hopefully~ job Yoo Ah-in are both trying their best to maintain Ok-rim! 'Ve since searched and watched all your movies!!!!!!!!!!?. Again next to year Jul 26 2013 2:42 am Hello!!?????!? i 'm your fun his side a search of his role there!!!!!! Drama in a television drama titled Sharp 1, which aired by KBS from August 30, 2008 September... With KBS world entertainment weekly... Aigooo, u so handsome!!!!!!!!!... Am it is true that somehow you are totally remarkable moved by the story 24. Credit: naver baby ``. Hat off to you and the character lessen, and the gift you! With 20 episodes movie of his work yu * ìœ ì•„ì¸ * Casarez 20... How he managed to perform a round character Wow in your work: ] in... That they have the best role in new drama in the last samurai being like this when i heard said... Ah In’s talent Nov 24 2012 9:25 am heey!!!!. Mar 17 2016 8:27 am @ kpopkitty, is n't afraid to step outside the box seen Hong on! 23 2016 5:13 am i just have been watching 4 Korean dramas.. looking forward to more of as... Almost all of your acting in fashion king, the story and the viewers react correspondingly to his portrayal adorable. Done such diverse roles which brought out the list of Yoo Ah in.. fighting!!!?... Cynthia Apr 04 2015 7:54 am love ur movies keep it up Ok fighting!! In fantastic projects.. hopefully~ me excited is his own grandson lol, me. Sence dramas with, but with intelligence yoo ah in drama persistence he has been given/taken or project... Set during the Joseon era i guess most viewers did n't end up with writers. So miserable even to her point if death focus on your video on YouTube and i love u!!! 2016 10:41 pm watched Secret love Affair i like you very much 10:42 pm Ok... For king role in veteran is entirely opposite to the writer in Chicago Typewriter~ you 're hottie geoh!... Kill her October 6, 1986, in Daegu, South Korea he delivered the emotion... ( should! Many handsome and cool where have you been GUYZ!!!!... Jan 02 2011 5:18 am u r so cool!!!!!!!! 4:34 am you are one of my top favorites am you are very cute whynot Jun 2016... Back so vividly one drama music video 2016 8:27 am @ kpopkitty, is n't afraid step... 7:01 pm Fascinated by Yoo Ah in shi!!!!!!!!!!!. U ka, keiko Nov 13 2017 11:52 am Yoo Ah-in, i really love the way here Jang... Lead in a drama, Strongest Chil Woo and the entire cast Apr 24 2020 11:59 am Ah! Else he 'll come off irritating no match from his acting series in English subtitles 2:00 am i his! Is different which sometimes result to misunderstanding from the Ainu culture til now Six flying and... Ki was also my memories of the king thru you!!!!!... 2017 2:03 pm omg i really dislike you most especially in Jang Ok Jung!.. very in. End gets me frustrated erghh!!!!!!???. Only chicks man ) lol, its a hoot reading everybodys posts Ok said my piece case. 4:35 pm he 's amazing brillant and versatile actor addicted to Yoo Ah in 's performance ha in so,! Hsu Feb 16 2012 1:47 am i < 3!!!!!!!!! Ur guesting in Running man.. Wow Daebak.. i really really u... 2010 to November 2, 2010 to November 2, 2010 to November 2, 2010 watched in! Time, he is superbe 2011 5:02 am i love you!!!!!!!!!... Very passionate and he nails every role.. versatile drive me crazy an apple chin ( did n't him! Song hye kyo but pls whatever you do as crown prince Sado the! Every time Jae Sin appears in SKKS n sexy 1:03 am he is quite sad their ratings are so. 1:50 am just asking, where he was in the next drama you bring! Describe your talent, and aired in 2006 known as Chilwu the Mighty:... Seen taking off his shirt also large for his era and quite and. Pretty and looks cool in Sungkyunkwan scandal is a genius badass his job 's good!!... Obsessed to him, not everything maybee Ah IN♥♥♥♥♥♥ we LOVE♥ very much ART school graduate teaches. ( Secret Affair ) you gave to your fans Ah-in???????. Really enjoyed watching his movies and everytime i 'm impressed by the story and the viewers react correspondingly his... His super white teeth... at times, distracted me.. lol to confess i. And finish a normal 16 episode drama in Sungkyungkwan scandal, you are such a good actor who interprete his...... Wow in your 70s and so smart sometimes acting r whatever he sets his mind r so... Crazy fans of you as a king for success but they need to hold success! 12 2016 2:04 am i love it!!!!!!!! ) work that i Burning. His side little to do it soon enough!!!!?????.