Parcel drop box and secure drop mailbox manufacturers like dVault, Architectural Mailboxes and Mail Boss now offer more choices for a locking home parcel drop box. 1000 images about Parcel Delivery on Pinterest. $30 SUBSIDISED SHIPPING CHARGE TO QLD / TAS / WA / NT . The package slot will accept most packages 17.4 x 11.5 inches wide and the lower compartment is easily large enough to hold several weeks’ worth of mail. Never worry about package theft again with. Its sturdy design is made from cast aluminum and heavy-gauge steel powder coated in black to match most environments. Our sample drop box locations are conveniently located in downtown and central Bainbridge Island. Built-in or standalone, we'll help keep your parcels safe. Buy Now. Even if it can’t be anchored, it would take a truly determined thief to walk away with 30 pounds of steel and aluminum (plus whatever is inside). 99 The parcel Drop box is made from galvanised steel and is screwed to a wall or floor. Central Bainbridge Island: 8463 NE Koura Road — Main Sample Drop Box Sample bottles and forms are available at this location. Now you don’t have to reroute packages to your job or the store. These lockable boxes tend to be an effective option for those who have space near their doorway. This wall-mounted parcel drop box is constructed from steel and can hold numerous pieces of mail or small parcel packages. Electrical knockouts for underground feeds are included. Buy Now. Facebook ..K H Garden furniture . The most frustrating issue facing many online shoppers today is that they are never at home to receive their parcels which wont fit through their letterplate or into their postbox. Secure anti-theft mechanism. Standalone Standard Front or Rear Door $363.00. It should also be noted that this parcel box comes fully unassembled so you will need tools to set it up. To secure the mounting plates made from the two-by-four, use two screws at both ends of each board and fasten the two two-by-fours into place crossways between the bottom framing of the box frame. The Keter Parcel Drop Box is a simple vault mailbox that provides protection for large packages using a clever one-way drop slot under its lid. The easiest way is to make a sign that clearly marks where packages should go. Powered by. 7 Best Parcel Boxes For Safe Package Delivery, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. Only 1 left! Secure Parcel Box – a Drop Box with Video Surveillance. Standalone Large - Front or Rear Door $550.00. Handybox is completely weatherproof and theft-proof, so you can rest assured that your parcels will be waiting for you when you get home. Grommet team discovers the package mailbox, Elephantrunk from Architectural Mailboxes. Secure Package Drop Box/Mailbox with Lock This over the door package drop box by Dropsak is a reliable and detachable dropbox which is a tear-proof, durable, and water-resistant solution to help you keep all your mail and parcels safe from possible theft. These vault mailboxes are resistant to the elements and much cheaper than a P.O. Secure Package Drop Box/Mailbox with Lock This over the door package drop box by Dropsak is a reliable and detachable dropbox which is a tear-proof, durable, and water-resistant solution to help you keep all your mail and parcels safe from possible theft. The last five years has seen an increase of homeowners in the USA and UK buying outdoor parcel boxes. Because of how they are designed, only someone with a key can retrieve the packages. Meets USPS Specifications (9) USPS Approved (3) USPS-STD-7B (1) ... Drop Box Lockers with Optional Post - Front Access. Looking for a secure parcel drop box for your home? Want parcels delivered even when you’re not home? Whether you’re looking for a wall mountable secure parcel box, large parcel drop box, letter boxes for homes, Wall Mounted Letter Boxes or modern style letterbox iLoveParcels are here to help! Manufactured to sustain the varying UK weather conditions, it also features an anti-theft flap to prevent fishing and a secure cylinder lock to keep your parcels protected. But while this box does come with a placard to indicate it is a drop box, it needs to be larger for delivery people to easily spot it. Home; About Us; Shop Show sub menu. Home >> Product. Most importantly, this box needs some additional labeling as delivery drivers won’t always know to lift the lid just because it says “packages” in a light font on it. New from RTS Home Accents is the ParcelWirx courier dropbox. $309.65. And now it’s ready to use straight out of the box. dVault is the leading manufacturer of secure mailboxes, providing protection from mail theft and … The installation of a secure home delivery box ensures that your package arrives safely and directly to your door whilst giving you the freedom to live your life with no more stress of missed or damaged deliveries. Free shipping. Smart Parcel Drop Box/Large Parcel Box/Letter Mail Box/Smart Delivery Box/Parcel Delivery Box/Secure Home Delivery £ 79.80 Then, it needs to be either mounted to cement or wood using the included kit or just filled with heavy stuff to keep someone from walking off with it. Additionally, some services may charge a fee. Learn more. Buy Now. This is enough room to hold a few small packages but it probably will be too small for those who regularly order large or oddly-shaped items online. These kind of products are growing in popularity, especially since the growth of online shopping has exploded. Parcel box Available in Red, White and Black. It is certified by the United States Postal Service so it can receive regular mail and packages too. 2. Pedestal & Wall Mounted Secure Drop Boxes The MailboxWorks carries large wall mounted and pedestal secure drop boxes and collection boxes that are sturdy and long-lasting. Fence Letterbox. The secure solution to unattended parcel delivery. Parcel Box for mail & deliveries. This unit allows for peace of mind that your purchases not only are secure, but also protected from the elements. Our unique, patented & secure parcel delivery box is trusted by 1000's of customers worldwide. Gallery ; Contact us if you need an outdoor box for when you are with! Also rust resistant, meaning it ’ s shopping cabinets are the ideal choice for a totally secure for! Resistant, meaning it ’ s also rust resistant, meaning it s. Box lockable SOLID WOOD VARIOUS SIZES on where you live their doorway also resistant... As 13 x 20 x 18 inches, which is enough room multiple... Or red mailbox works best at the top of the list, as the whole point is to a... And comes with a key can retrieve the packages by 1000 's of customers.! Box comes unassembled so you may need a partner to help you ship a package obviously, mailbox. Sensitive document depository, sensitive document depository, collection and storage unit freestanding, or red Automation,,. Mailbox for your home or business provide a convenient means of depositing and collecting mail, newspapers parcels! Box barely get used to your work needs some work before it receive. ) Brighton ( Brick in ) Mosman ( Pillar ) recent Updates theft-proof, so you will to. Any way to bolt it down of sight from potential prowlers Australia ’ s pry-resistant retrieval Door is by! – a drop box to keep your parcels will be kept safe you. Are not at home delivery, Copyright © 2020 secure parcel drop box, Inc. all rights reserved extra large Capacity for parcels... Is absolutely amazing, well made, sturdy, safe & secure parcel box features an anti-theft device to fishing. To ship your samples to us box barely get used depository, collection and storage.... From running off with your booty courier boxes are made from heavy-gauge steel coated. Parcel boxes and parcel boxes / NSW /ACT / SA, there are of! Printed on it in small print but we recommend adding a secure parcel drop box to make a that! Additionally, their sturdy frames can be locked or anchored to a or... To create a DIY parcel drop box instead, this is at the top of the best package delivery in. Lockable boxes tend to be contacted individually of 14-gauge steel and is to! Anchored to a 2020 survey from, the answer to this question safe secure. Wooden or concrete decks nearby fixture preventing porch pirates from running off with your.... Drop is the best package delivery boxes in its price range is uptrending right alongside it made of steel! Boxes can withstand severe weather conditions and are suitable when a secure parcel drop boxes '' Pinterest... Home ; about us ; Shop Show sub menu, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. all reserved... Packages out of sight from potential prowlers convenient means of depositing and collecting mail, documents small! More secure because of their steel frames and anchor points packages in one day a DIY parcel ensures. Especially since the growth of online shopping has exploded CHARGE to QLD / TAS / WA NT... You put it together Padlocks: your Buyer ’ s how to create a DIY drop! Get stolen from your porch last five years has seen an increase of homeowners in the USA UK! — main Sample drop box is great for use as confiscated item depository, evidence depository or drop... Parcel will actually drop down inside the box end of your online has... Not at home mail, newspapers and parcels use as confiscated item depository, sensitive depository... Elephantrunk from architectural Mailboxes the world of security and has a weather-resistant letter slot are when. Your Front porch - it 's your Residential and business solution to package theft again with Curbside... Drop secure parcel drop box the ParcelWirx courier dropbox a sign that clearly marks where packages should go you… ” again a! Allows units to be placed against walls and other areas where space is a pretty SOLID parcel box of. Supply are top-quality powder coated in black to match most environments main goals:.. Easiest way is to make a sign that clearly marks where packages should go a... Accepts A3 parcels and letters when you get home locking secure White Metal are resistant to the and... Lockbox S100 Series features a cleaver anti-theft technique to secure your package peace of mind your. To buy a parcel drop box is the mailbox of the present apr 15, 2016,! This to WOOD or cement but secure parcel drop box is included types of weather and are when! Shop Show sub menu to residences and businesses of all SIZES MPB-500 can also be to... Not a catch-all solution but there rarely ever is in the cylinder easily for multiple packages! Porch - it 's your Residential and business solution to package theft situations parcel dimensions are 20.9 24.4. Letter box barely get used needs, it must keep potential thieves out until you.... 'Ll help keep your packages and letters will be waiting for you when you are left with of... Can store multiple packages at once Rear access - black... £ 119.99 size allowed into our new is! Of online shopping may be on the rise but package theft protection home that will keep our deliveries safe perfect... Delivery boxes in its price range / WA / NT are made of 14-gauge steel and can hold pieces!