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    EMF Solutions for Your Health! (eCourse)

    Six Steps to Optimum Wellness, Starts February 8, 2017
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    • A Practical “How-To” Course with a Health Care Approach to Electromagnetic Fields:  Everything you always wanted to know about EMFs – how to measure them, how to determine the sources, how to reduce the fields – from a healing and wellness perspective.
    • Taught by: Michael R Neuert, MA, BSME – an EMF test engineer and health consultant who has working with sensitive clients since 1992.  Michael presents six steps to reducing EMFs and gaining optimum wellness.
    • eCourse Format:  Six weeks, one 90 minute module per week.  Each course module contains 60 minutes of instruction by Michael, followed by 30 minutes of live Q&A.
    • eCourse Recordings: You do not have to attend the live sessions.  All sessions will be recorded and available to participants for a full year.  You can email your questions to Michael ahead of the live sessions.

    Other Resources for Doctors, Patients and Clients…

    Recommended 3-Meter Combo Kit for Testing EMFs (rent or purchase the 3 meters needed to test all 3 kinds of EMFs, click here! – all our test meters  are checked and certified by us for proper calibration and operation), click here!

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    Doctors Corner with Dr. Scott Eberle (an emf-sensitive medical doctor with excellent advice regarding EMF hypersensitivity diagnosis and treatment), click here.

    BioInitiative Report Website, click here.
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    Looking for an EMF tester outside of Northern California?   We recommend that you find a professional who (1) measures all three kinds of EMFs (magnetic fields, electric fields and RF fields), and (2) uses the Body Voltage Test Method for the electric fields.   Unfortunately there is no central listing of testers or any professional standards for EMF testing at this time.  You might start by googling something like “EMF testing New York” to find someone in your area.   You can also go to the building biologists (they train some of the testers) website, click here.