Satya Giordano, CECT

Michael R Neuert, MA, BSME

Neuert Electromagnetic Services

Electrical Contractor License #687093

Electrical Wiring Repairs & Troubleshooting


2021 Update: After 30 years, Michael is partially retiring from his work as an EMF consultant, and is no longer taking on new clients.  He continues to coach new students through the Q&As for the full eCourse, develop new EMF training materials, and consult with all of his previous clients.  Satya Giordano, Michael’s EMF apprentice and business partner for seven years, is now running the EMF Center.  He is accepting new clients, and is providing both on-site and telephone consulting services.

Engineering Services

Since 1992, Michael Neuert has provided engineering services to repair electrical wiring systems, eliminate stray electricity in metal pipes and grounding, install magnetic field cancellation equipment, reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI), shield electrical wiring, and solve other problems related to EMFs.

Troubleshooting and Repair of Electrical Wiring Systems

Michael is an engineer and a licensed electrical contractor in the state of California.  Our EMF Test Technician, Satya Giordano, is not a licensed contractor, and thus he cannot do any modifications to the electrical or building system.  Any troubleshooting, testing, repairs and shielding of the wiring system and electrical panels must be done by Michael himself, or by your own licensed contractor (usually under Michael’s guidance). 

Can a Regular Electrician do the EMF Repairs?

EMF testing and troubleshooting is a very specialized field, and is definitely something that most electricians are not trained in, familiar with, or have any experience with.  They cannot be expected to provide adequate support for most EMF related issues, and will typically recommend standard fixes (like adding more grounding) that often exacerbate the actual problems.

However, most electricians can be trained or guided as necessary to perform the required troubleshooting and make the final repairs.  Sometimes, the fix is to have an electrician add some new shielded wiring, or ground an electrical outlet for a computer, or install an electrical kill switch to turn off the bedroom circuits at night.

Or the fix might be to hire a plumber to install an insulating bushing in the water line to stop the flow of stray currents in the water pipes, or to have the cable company come out to deal with stray electricity in their service line.  Every situation is unique.

What About Shielding?

Many magnetic field issues in buildings involve a type of wiring issue in which the problem is caused by stray electrical current  in the grounding system and/or net currents in wiring circuits.  Shielding does work for these types of problems, and instead, the stray and net currents must be traced and eliminated.  This is a very specialized skill that most electricians and EMF testers do not possess, so this is something that Michael will usually guide or train other electricians to do.

In contrast, many electric field issues from the wiring system can be shielded.  The solutions can sometimes be installed by our EMF Test Technician, Satya, or by your own licensed contractor.  The fix could be as simple and cheap as using aluminum window screen or other conductive material to shield a bed, or painting the bedroom walls with a special conductive paint like Y-Shield paint.

Types of Buildings/Environments Tested and Repaired

We can test and repair the wiring issues involving electromagnetic fields in homes, apartments, condominiums, schools, offices, large commercial buildings, computer work stations, and most industrial environments.

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