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Satya Giordano, CECT

Michael R Neuert, MA, BSME

Neuert Electromagnetic Services

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EMF Info and Solutions

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EMF Information:

  • What are EMFs?
  • What is EHS?
  • What is Dirty Electricity?
  • The Precautionary Principle
  • Websites
  • Videos
  • Studies & Articles
  • Books
  • Health Concerns
  • International Efforts
  • Infants & Children
  • Doctor’s Information
  • FAQs

EMF Exposure Reduction:

  • The Value of Distance
  • Tips for Cell Phones & Other Portable Devices
  • Basic Ways to Minimize Radio Frequency Exposure
  • Basic Ways to Minimize Electric Field Exposure
  • Basic Ways to Minimize Magnetic Field Exposure
  • Basic Ways to Minimize Dirty Electricity
  • Meter Info
  • Shielding Overview
  • How-To Videos
  • EHS Advice
  • Service Providers
  • Support Networks

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