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Satya Giordano, CECT

Michael R Neuert, MA, BSME

Neuert Electromagnetic Services

Electrical Contractor License #687093

EMF Shielding Services


Michael’s Partial Retirement in April of 2022:

After more than 30 years of work in this field, I have recently retired from my EMF consulting practice with individual clients. But I am continuing to teach, develop new EMF training materials, and guide EMF eCourse students via our live Q&A sessions.  Satya Giordano – my apprentice and business co-owner for the past eight years – now provides all of our professional EMF testing, shielding and consulting services.  He is presently accepting new clients, both on-site and via telephone.  I feel very confident and fortunate to have Satya carry on the day-to-day work of the EMF Center, and I think you will too.  Many thanks, Michael Neuert 

We provide onsite EMF services — including testing, repairs, shielding, and the design of low-EMF electrical wiring — for homes and offices throughout the entire San Francisco Bay Area and northern California.

Who Performs the Shielding Services?

Satya Giordano, our EMF Test Technician, will usually perform the initial EMF measurements onsite, and install the simpler shielding strategies.  And often if desired, the simpler shields can be installed during Satya’s initial testing visit.

If needed, Michael will sometimes provide support for any further engineering, electrician, and/or severe EMF hypersensitivity issues.  For example, Michael may be needed to design the shielding to reduce the magnetic fields from an electrical panel located too close to a bedroom, or for the complex shielding issues related to a nearby cell tower.

In most cases, once a shielding strategy has been designed by Michael, a local contractor may be hired to do the actual installation of the shielding materials.

Engineering Services

Michael Neuert is an engineer and a licensed electrical contractor in the state of California.  Our EMF Test Technician, Satya, is not a licensed electrician and thus cannot do any modifications to the electrical system.  Any shielding of the electrical panels and electrical system must be done by Michael or your own licensed contractor. 

Shielding is just one of the options available, and often it may not be the best option.  Further consultation would be required to advise you about how to repair electrical wiring systems, eliminate stray electricity in metal pipes and grounding, install magnetic field cancellation equipment, reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) in commercial buildings, and solve other problems related to EMFs.

Types of EMFs Shielded

There are 3 different kinds of EMFs, and each requires specific shielding materials and procedures to be effective. We provide services to shield all 3 kinds of electromagnetic fields, as well as dirty electricity, that are commonly found in our modern living areas. This includes:

  1. The ELF and VLF magnetic fields from power lines, electrical panels, electrical wiring, solar inverters, light fixtures, appliances, computers, televisions, fluorescent lights, and most other electrical and electronic devices.  (Wiring errors and stray electricity in water pipes can also be a surprisingly strong source. They must be repaired and cannot be shielded.)
  2. The ELF Electric Fields from hidden electrical wiring within nearby walls and ceilings, power cords for lamps and devices, and sometimes overhead power lines.  Special attention is usually placed on the bedrooms, where people spend the most time. (We use various – often inexpensive – materials to reduce the actual AC Body Voltage measured on the skin.)
  3. The radiofrequency (RF) fields from everything wireless in this modern world. This includes emissions from cell phone antennas, TV/radio broadcast towers, Smart Meters, neighbors’ wireless devices, and other external sources of RF.  (This often involves the use of conductive materials, such as shielded curtains for the windows.)
  4. Upon special request, we will also measure and reduce “dirty electricity”. In general, we recommend a more robust approach in which you actually reduce the body’s exposure to the EMF, rather than just reduce the “dirty electricity” component carried along with the EMF.  Because the use of dirty electricity filters can have substantial unintended negative consequences, we recommend that you avoid amateur usage of the filters, and have Michael design appropriate filtration, usually at the main service panel, to minimize the negative consequences.

Can Every EMF Source be Shielded?

No, some EMF sources cannot be shielded, or would be too expensive to shield.  In many cases, there are other options that are more practical, affordable and effective.

For example, most magnetic field problems in buildings involve a type of wiring problem with stray current and/or net current.  Shielding does work for this type of problem.  Instead, the stray and net currents must be traced and eliminated.  This is a very specialized skill that most electricians and EMF testers do not possess.  This is something that Michael has done for decades, and now will often guide other electricians through the process.

In contrast, many electric field issues from wiring can be easily shielded.  The solutions can often be installed by our EMF Test Technician, Satya, or by your own contractor with some guidance from us.  The fix could be as simple and cheap as installing and grounding some aluminum window screen from a hardware store, or painting the walls with special conductive shielding paints like Y-Shield paint

Types of Buildings/Environments

We can measure the electromagnetic fields in homes, apartments, condominiums, schools, offices, large commercial buildings, computer work stations, and most industrial environments.

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