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    FREE Helpful Videos: How to Use the Test Meters 2017-11-23T13:12:15+00:00

    Links to Michael’s Free YouTube Video Instructions:
    “How to Use the Test Meters”

    The following YouTube videos include helpful instructions for using the various EMF test meters, including

    How to turn on and set up the meter
    How to take an accurate measurement,
    Where exactly to take the measurements,
    Units of measure, and how to use a data form,
    How to use the test meter to determine/remove the EMF sources

    How to Use the Alpha UHS Gaussmeter: To Measure Magnetic Fields…

    How to Use a Body Volt Meter: To Measure Electric Fields…

    How to Use the TES 593 RF Meter: To Measure Radio Frequency Fields…

    How to Use the Acoustimeter: To Measure Radio Frequency Fields

    video coming soon

    How to Use the Acousticom: To Measure Radio Frequency Fields

    How to Use the TriField 100XE Meter: To Measure Electromagnetic Fields…

    How to Measure the EMFs from Your Computer