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"Harmonizers" & "Neutralizers"

By Satya Giordano, CECT & Michael R Neuert, MA, BSME, ©2023

Many Names for the Same Type of Device

The following applies to any passive (no electricity) EMF protection device that claims to change the “effects” of electromagnetic radiation without actually reducing the EMF field strength. “Harmonizer” and “Neutralizer” are the most common names for these devices.  This includes most pendants, stickers, and devices claiming some type of effect over a certain square footage of space.


Changing the Radiation Instead of Reducing It

Unlike the EMF reductions achieved by shielding or removing a source of EMFs such as a wifi router, “harmonizers” and “neutralizers” do not actually reduce one’s exposure to the radiation as measured with an EMF test meter.


Therefore, we are unable to confirm or deny the health claims made by the manufacturers.  However, we do feel that it is very important to acknowledge the difference between actually reducing or eliminating an EMF exposure versus the use of products that supposedly (and mysteriously) somehow change the EMF’s “quality”, or reduce its “effects on the body” in the way that “harmonizers” and “neutralizers” claim.


As we are unable to confirm or deny the health claims made by these products, we recommend first making every possible reduction to your actual EMF exposure as measured by an EMF test meter, before spending your resources on “harmonizing”/“neutralizing” the radiation.


Beware of Misleading Advertising

The advertisements are often very misleading, in the sense that they often lead one to believe that when a “harmonizer”/“neutralizer” is in use, that (1) the levels of EMFs have somehow been dramatically reduced when they usually have not changed at all, and (2) thus there is no remaining concern about the EMF exposure.


Some advertisements will imply for example, that the EMF radiation from a WiFi router will not change in any way that causes the WiFi signal to malfunction, while simultaneously claiming to change the quality of the EMF radiation in such a way that the human health concerns completely cease to exist.


We are concerned that the “harmonizer”/”neutralizer” products can, and often do, give people a false sense of security. For example, a client once sent us a link to an advertisement for a product that actually claimed to make WiFi good for you!


Analogy to a Water Filter

Another way to think of this, is to consider what you would do if you found out that you had toxic levels of lead in the water supply for your home. Would you get a water filter to actually remove the lead? Or would you feel comfortable with a product (perhaps in the form of a sticker or pyramid) that advertises that it will somehow “harmonize” or “neutralize” the negative effects of the lead in the water without actually removing the lead from the water in any way?


Conductive Materials

If the “harmonizer”/“neutralizer” is made of any conductive material like copper, there can be a small shielding effect within an inch or so of the metal (any metal). Metals interact with EMFs, but in ways that are difficult to predict. In some cases, you can measure a decrease very close to the device, within an inch or so (that advertisers will sometimes demonstrate). But conductive metals also attract and reflect EMFs, and in some cases they will increase the user’s exposure (which advertisers will not demonstrate).


For better or worse, the changes caused by the conductive materials in a metal pendant for example, would most likely make no difference beyond the first few inches around it, and could actually make things worse. We recommend testing any product with the appropriate test meters.


The Potential Benefits

On the other hand, we do see a potential value that can result from the use of a “harmonizer”/“neutralizer” in the sense that they can bring a degree of peace to the user.  For example, the placebo effect itself can have significant positive biological effects.


Also, we want to honor the fact that there may be other genuine forms of healing, that are not “physical” in the sense that they do not actually reduce or modify the measurable EMF field. Instead, they may involve some other subtle mode of healing – such as homeopathy or other alternative “healing energy” techniques used by many alternative medical doctors. We have worked with many alternative doctors and health practitioners, and respect their professional use of various devices as they see fit.



Our main point here is to advise caution about the advertising that leads people to conclude that the EMFs are being physically reduced or modified, when in actuality, most products simply do not do that. But we cannot confirm or deny that these devices might have certain positive health impacts via other subtle modes of healing. We leave that determination up to the health professionals.


Therefore, especially when working with your doctor or other health professional, we do not wish to say that it is necessarily problematic to use a “harmonizer”/“neutralizer” as long as one has a clear understanding of what they do and do not do, and takes the proper steps to measure and reduce the actual EMF field strength as much as possible.


Electrical Devices and Safety

Important: We generally advise that people measure with the appropriate EMF test meters to check and confirm the supposed effects of any harmonizer or neutralizer. But if the protection product is electrically powered, then we even more strongly recommend measuring the EMFs.


For example, “harmonizers”/“neutralizers” that plug into an electric outlet are likely to increase the user’s exposure to unwanted electric fields if the user is near the “harmonizer”/“neutralizer” or its power cord.


Measure More than One Type of EMF

In order to get a complete understanding of the potential changes that any “harmonizer”/“neutralizer” makes, we strongly recommend measuring all 3 types of EMF: (1) the radio frequencies/microwaves, as well as (2) the ELF electric fields and (3) the ELF magnetic fields – preferably using 3 separate test meters (note: the all-in-one meters are often both inaccurate and confusing to use).  Click here to see our test meter page for more info.

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