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How to Test for EMFs


EMF Test Meters — You Can “Do It Yourself”

Yes, you can purchase the necessary test meters to do the EMF testing yourself.  Please click here for guidance about the types of test meters you will need.

The Best Test Meters

Based on over 2 decades of testing and selling the test meters himself, Michael has selected the best EMF test meters that he believes are available at this time – the particular models with enough accuracy and reliability to be trusted, at the the possible lowest cost.  Again, please click here for detailed guidance about selecting the best meters for your particular needs

Test Meters Instructions

Many of the individual meter pages on our website (dedicated pages for each recommended test meter) include Michael’s own video and written instructions for how to use that test meter.  This is very helpful, because the manufacture’s instructions are often very limited and difficult to understand.

Where to Get the Test Meters

For many years our company tested, certified, sold and rented the EMF test meters ourself.  We no longer sell or rent the meters, but the meters that we have chosen to recommend have generally proven themselves to be of good accuracy and reliability.  (Generally, we do not recommend most of the low-cost multi-function test meters that try to measure all 3 kinds of EMFs in one unit.  There are just too many quality and accuracy problems with these meters, in our experience.)

Choosing an EMF Test Meter

Choosing a test meter can be a difficult decision because there is a great range of prices, quality, sensitivity, and type of meter.  To be useful, your meter must be…


  1. Able to measure the right kind of EMF, and in the right frequency range (some meters will only detect a narrow band of frequencies and can completely miss the detection of other important EMFs at other frequencies — this is especially true with the RF test meters).

  2. Sensitive enough to pick up the electromagnetic fields at the relatively low levels commonly found in most homes and offices, and that apparently affect many sensitive people (some meters are not sensitive enough in that they simply do not detect EMFs down to low enough levels, they can only warn of very high levels).

  3. Accurate enough so that the measurements can be trusted and are meaningful, to help make important decisions about whether to take any actions, some of which may be costly or inconvenient (some meters give falsely high or low readings, completely ignore many important frequencies, are single-axis which cause many amateurs to get falsely low measurements, etc.).

  4. And low enough in cost to be affordable and yet remain reliable and practical for use over many years to come.

To Assist You, this Website also Contains…

  1. Objective expert reviews by Michael Neuert, comparing the different EMF test meters that are available, to help you find the best meters for your needs.

  2. Michael’s own detailed instructions for how to use many of these test meters, (more understandable instructions which are often more useful than the manufacturer’s instructions)

  3. YouTube video instructions for how to use many of these test meters, again offered by Michael Neuert.

  4. Free do-it-yourself instructions for how to build a Body Volt Meter yourself, to measure electric fields at the lowest cost.

  5. And other helpful information about safety levels, how to test, and how to reduce EMFs.


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