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    On site consultation

    On-Site Services

    We provide onsite testing, shielding, wiring repairs, and other EMF related services for northern California and the entire Bay area — essentially all the services needed to test and reduce electromagnetic fields.

    I am an engineer and licensed electrical contractor.  Thus, in addition to professional measurements, I can trace sources of the EMFs, propose solutions, design and install shielding strategies, repair faulty wiring issues, etc.  And I have been working with clients who are highly sensitive to EMFs for over 24 years, so I am one of the most experienced people available to offer anecdotal experience and advice regarding EMF health effects and solutions.

    I also have a trained technician available for onsite testing, at a lower hourly rate.  Satya Giordano (Sam) is an independent technician who is personally trained and supervised by me.  He can usually do the initial onsite measurements, determine many of the typical sources, and provide many of the simpler solutions.  For example, he could shield a wireless router, or determine which circuit breakers need to be turned off at night to reduce EMFs in the bedrooms.

    Satya will usually be the first person to come out and do the initial on-site testing.  (Note: for complicated EMF situations, some clients find it helpful to have a short phone consultation with me before and/or after the onsite visit.  I have only a 10 minute minimum for telephone consults.)  And if there are any additional questions or needs that require my engineering or electrical contractor expertise, I am always available as backup.

    The time required to initially measure all three types of EMFs in a typical home is usually between 2 to 4 hours, depending on what we find and the time it takes to determine the various sources and propose solutions.  The total amount of time for testing and shielding is up to you.

    At the end of the appointment, you will typically receive a hand written data form with the measurements, information materials about safety levels, and if appropriate, a brief review of the particular EMF sources found and the available possible solutions.  If a formal typed written report is needed, there is an additional fee of $150 for my writing time.

    While I do most of the telephone consulting, if the questions are simple enough, Satya, my technician, is also available for telephone appointments.  His hourly rate is about 60% of mine, and also prorated for actual time used, with a 10 minute minimum.

    Of course there is no charge for asking about the services or test meters we provide.  But please note that we cannot answer questions about EMFs for free, as that is part of our consulting service.  We do provide a lot of free information on my three main websites: emfinfo.org, emfcenter.com and emfwebinar.com.

    Thank you,
    Michael Neuert

    Other Information:

    To make an appointment, please call our office at 1-800-638-3781 or 707-578-1645.

    We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.
    Background Information:

    We provide professional testing of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in northern California — with occasional visits to Southern California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Nevada.  Special arrangements can also be made for travel to the other US states and Canada.

    We can measure the EMF levels in your home, school, office, computer work area, large commercial building, industrial facility, and even inside your automobile.  We also provide professional measurement surveys for real estate inspections, and offer written reports as needed.

    We use highly-sensitive scientific test equipment to measure the various kinds of EMFs —  including the magnetic  fields, electric fields, and radio/microwave frequency fields.  (This includes both the  “ELF” magnetic fields from power lines, transformers, electrical wiring and panels, lights and appliances, and the “VLF” magnetic fields from televisions, computers, electronics and fluorescent lights.)

    All testing is performed by our electrical engineer, Michael Neuert.  With over 24 years of experience as an EMF consultant, Michael can also provide helpful guidance regarding…

    • What are the sources?  Are the EMFs being emitted from power lines, transformers, electrical panels, wiring, lighting, or some other source?
    • How to repair wiring problems causing high EMFs, eliminate stray electricity in plumbing pipes, install cancellation equipment, reduce unwanted electromagnetic interference (EMI), etc.
    • How to shield electrical panels, meters, appliances, refrigerators, transformers, motors, cables, computers, televisions, and other sources.
    • Comparative cost analysis and estimates for various potential solutions.
    • Low-cost alternatives to reduce EMFs —  e.g., rearrange your environment, turn off certain circuits at night, install your own shielding, etc.

    To schedule an appointment for onsite testing, please call our office at 1-800-638-3781 or 707-578-1645.