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    Our Consulting Fees

    Telephone Consulting Fees

    Michael ‘s Onsite and Telephone Fees

    I am an EMF consulting engineer and a licensed electrical contractor, with more than 24 years of experience testing and reducing EMFs.  My hourly rate for all services is $150 per hour.  For onsite visits in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have a one hour minimum, plus a travel fee whenever outside of Sonoma County.  For telephone and email consultations, my fee is prorated for the actual time used, with a minimum of only 10 minutes or $25.

    Fees for our Test Technician: Satya (Sam)

    I also have a trained EMF Test Technician available for onsite testing, at $90 per hour.  His travel fee is also only 60% of mine.  Satya (Sam) is an independently contracted technician who is personally trained and supervised by me.  He will usually do the initial onsite measurements, determine many of the typical sources, and provide many of the simpler solutions.  For example, he could shield a wireless router for you, or determine which circuit breakers need to be turned off to reduce the EMFs in your bedrooms at night.

    Who Should You Work With?

    For onsite testing in Northern California, Satya will usually be the first to come out and do the initial testing.  Some clients find it helpful to have a short phone consultation with me before, or if needed after, Satya’s initial onsite visit.  And then if there are any additional questions or needs that require my engineering or electrical contractor expertise, I am always available as backup.

    While I do most of the telephone consulting, Satya is also available for phone appointments if your questions are within his expertise.   For example, he can help you use your meter properly, interpret what the numbers mean, and give guidance on simple strategies/shielding to reduce both the electric fields and RF fields.  His phone rate is $90 per hour, prorated for actual time used with a 10 minute or $15 minimum.  (Note: Satya does not have the engineering/electrician expertise needed for electrical wiring problems, magnetic field shielding, or complex RF shielding needs.)

    We look forward to working with you,

    Michael R. Neuert, MA, BSME
    EMF Engineering Consultant
    Owner, Neuert Electromagnetic Services

    Note: Of course there is no charge for asking about the services or test meters we provide.  But please note that we cannot answer questions about EMFs for free, as that is part of our consulting service.  There is a lot of free information on this website, and perhaps you will find some of your answers here.
    Hourly Rate Minimum Travel Fee
      EMF Engineer:

    Michael Neuert

    Test Technician:

    Satya Giordano

    Onsite Visits for Testing, Shielding and Repairing $150 $90 1 hour  Yes, when outside of Sonoma county
    Telephone or Email Consultation $150  $90 10 minutes (hourly fee prorated for actual time used) N/A

    Additional Information:

    As an engineer and licensed electrical contractor, I can do much more than just take the measurements, I can trace the sources of the EMFs, propose solutions, design and install shielding strategies, repair faulty wiring issues, etc.  And I have been working with clients who are highly sensitive to EMFs for over 24 years, so I am one of the most experienced people available to offer experienced anecdotal advice regarding EMF health effects and solutions.

    We look forward to working with you.

    Thank you, and have a healthy day!