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Our EMF Consulting Fees


2022 Update: After 30 years, Michael is partially retiring from his work as an EMF consultant, and is no longer taking on new clients.  However, he continues to coach new students during the monthly Q&As for our eCourse, as well as consult with all of his previous clients.  Satya Giordano, Michael’s EMF apprentice and business partner for seven years, is now running the EMF Center.  He is accepting new clients, and is providing on-site and telephone consulting services.

Our EMF Consulting Rates and Fees

Most of our EMF services are offered at an hourly rate, as outlined below.  There is usually a 1.5 hour minimum for onsite visits.  And depending on your location, a travel fee may also be required.  For EMF consultations via the telephone or email, there is only a 10 minute minimum.  (Please click this link for more information about travel fees. )

Michael Neuert
Michael Neuert

Michael‘s Engineering & Electrician Services

Michael is an EMF educator, trainer, engineer and licensed electrical contractor, with more than 29 years of experience testing and reducing EMFs.  Since 1992, Michael has worked with thousands of EMF sensitive and concerned clients, to help find practical solutions to the EMFs in their home and office environments.

Michael ‘s Engineer Fees

Michael’s hourly rate for all services is $180 per hour.  For onsite visits in the San Francisco Bay Area, he has a 1.5 hour minimum, plus a travel fee for locations outside of Sonoma County.  For telephone and email consultations, his hourly fee is $180/hour or $3/minute — with only a 10 minute or $30 minimum.

Our Availability

Satya Giordano provides most of the initial EMF testing and consulting services.  Satya is generally available for on-site EMF testing, consulting and many of the shielding services, as needed.  Unfortunately, due to the high demand for Michael’s time with eCourse students and previous/existing clients, Michael may sometimes be unable to take on new clients, or may have a long waiting list.  Please contact us for info.

Satya Giordano
Satya Giordano

Satya‘s EMF Testing & Technician Services

Satya Giordano is a Certified Electromagnetic Consultant and Technician (CECT), trained by Michael in 2014.  Satya has worked with hundreds of concerned clients, and he has installed many of the common shielding solutions.    Satya is quite creative in finding innovative solutions to EMF issues.  (Please note that Satya is not a licensed contractor, so any building modifications would need to be done by your own approved contractor, perhaps under our guidance.)

Satya‘s Technician Fees

Satya’s hourly rate for all services is $120 per hour.  For onsite visits in the San Francisco Bay Area, he has a $180 minimum (1.5 hours), plus a travel fee for most locations outside of Sonoma County.  For telephone and email consultations, his hourly fee is $120/hour or $2.00/minute — with only a 10 minute or $20 minimum.

Who We Are

Michael Neuert is an EMF engineer, educator and licensed electrician who has been testing and reducing EMFs since 1992.  He has a huge amount of practical experience actually installing the various solutions for EMF issues.  Satya Giordano is a certified EMF test technician and consultant, who was originally trained by Michael.  Satya (pronounced SAH-tyah), joined our business in 2014.   He has been helping clients measure and reduce the EMFs in their homes and offices for over 7 years now.

Who Comes Out for the On-Site Visits?

Satya, our EMF Test Technician, will usually be the one to go out and do the initial on-site EMF measurements, determine many of the typical sources, and provide many of the simpler solutions and shielding strategies.  For example, he could shield a Wi-Fi router to help reduce the RF fields, or determine which circuit breakers need to be turned off to reduce the EMFs in your bedroom during sleep.

Assistance from Others May be Needed

In many cases, we can show you what particular EMFs are impacting your environment, but the solutions may require the assistance of other professionals.  For example, suppose you just bought a new TV, but can’t figure out how to turn off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals.  You might need to have a rep from the company come out.  Or perhaps the gateway box for your broadband cable service is emitting RF, but we can’t turn off the wireless without also turning of your internet and telephones.  You might need to work with your cable company — or hire a low-volt (data/audio/visual) electrical contractor — to help figure out a detailed solution for you.

We Cannot Answer Questions About EMFs Without a Formal Consulting Agreement

Of course, there is no charge to ask for general information about our services.  But please note that we cannot answer any questions about EMFs for free, as that is part of our consulting service.  And even when it seems like an EMF question is very simple, often the answer is much more complex than people realize.  We need specific information about your situation and needs.  Therefore, as a policy, we do not give out any EMF advice or answers to individuals, without being in a formal consulting agreement.  But remember, there is a wealth of free information on this website, that is available to you and may be very helpful.  Please enjoy and make use of this website.

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