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EMF Test Professional - Training & Certificate (CETP)


Certification Program for EMF Test Professionals

We offer an entry level certification program from the EMF Center for those who want to become certified professional EMF testers.  (CETP: Certified Electromagnetic Test Professional)

CETP Certificate Allows You to Test Client Homes and Offices

The CETP training program provides entry level training and certification so that you can go out and do your own EMF test audits.  And you will also learn about the wide variety of basic EMF remediation options available, so that you can help your own clients actually reduce their EMF exposure levels.

Certification Requirements

Certification requirements include your successful completion of:

(A) The seven main fundamental eCourse sessions (EMF Solutions for Your Health, about 12 hours), plus (B) All supplementary EMF training videos (about 12 hours), plus (C) Six hours of additional one-to-one personal instruction time regarding your specific EMF training needs — three hours with Michael and three hours with Satya, and (D) Passage of our EMF tester’s certification exam.

Personal Attention and Mentoring

This training program includes six hours of personal one-to-one instruction time — three hours with Michael, plus three hours with Satya.  Everybody has different needs, so the main goal of the one-on-one mentoring time is to provide individual support in the specific areas and topics in which you need the most help and guidance.   The personal mentoring time is usually provided over the telephone or Zoom.

Cost of this Program

The cost of this program, including all of the above, is $1500 total.  If you need additional one-to-one training beyond the included six hours, more hours can be added as needed at Michael’s and Satya’s regular hourly consultation rates.  (There is only a 10 minute minimum for extra follow-up consulting).

Other Costs: Test Meters!

If you don’t already have a good set of EMF test meters, you may need to invest in some new equipment.  Below are approximate prices for the lowest-cost meters available that have enough accuracy and reliability for professional testing in other people’s homes.  And of course, you could invest thousands of dollars more in higher-end equipment, these are only the minimum level instruments required for our certification:

ELF Magnetic Gaussmeter: $300 (such as Alpha UHS2) Radio Frequency Meter: $400 (such as Acoustimeter AM-10, or Safe & Sound Pro) Body Volt Meter: $200 (type that uses ground rod to earth) Dirty Electricity Meter: $200 (such as Alpha EMI or Stetzer) Estimate Total: $1100 (or more)

Followup Support Continues After You are Certified

Complex EMF issues may arise with clients in the future — situations and needs that cannot be fully covered in this basic training program teaching the “fundamentals” of EMF testing.  Therefore, Satya and Michael are available for continuing education and consulting support after you complete your program.  For example, it is not unusual for a former student to ask for Michael’s assistance with a challenging EMF client situation.

Important Information

You can start your training at any time.  The “EMF Test Professional Certification” program provides fundamental training about EMF theory, health effects, test meters, testing protocols — and most important — the most effective solutions that are available.  This training program incorporates Michael’s original EMF foundations eCourse (“EMF Solutions for Your Health”, online 12 hours), plus another 12 hours of additional required EMF training videos , plus 6 hours of one-on-one instruction time, and finally the passing of our EMF Tester’s Exam (open book, can be taken multiple times).  While great emphasis is placed on practical solutions for a wide variety of EMF issues, depending on the individual, additional training may be required to gain a deeper understanding of the various mitigation techniques.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee your full satisfaction with every educational product we offer – from our short instructional videos on specific EMF topics, to our entire EMF instructional training course programs.  If you have an issue or concern regarding your purchase, please contact us, and we will do everything in our power to resolve your issue.  If we cannot reconcile your problem within a reasonable time frame, we will refund your purchase (fully or partially, as appropriate).

EMF Test Professional - Training & Certificate (CETP)

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