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Satya Giordano, CECT

Michael R Neuert, MA, BSME

Neuert Electromagnetic Services

Electrical Contractor License #687093

Professional EMF Testing


We provide onsite EMF services — including testing, repairs, shielding, and the design of low-
EMF electrical wiring — for homes and offices throughout the entire San Francisco Bay Area and northern California.


Who Does the Onsite Testing?

Satya (Sam) our EMF Test Technician will usually perform the initial EMF measurements and install the simpler shielding strategies.  After that, Michael can come out for any further engineering, electrician, and/or severe EMF hypersensitivity issues if needed.


Types of Buildings/Environments Tested

We can measure the electromagnetic fields in homes, apartments, condominiums, schools, offices, large commercial buildings, computer work stations, and most industrial environments.


Types of EMFs Measured

We use highly-sensitive scientific test equipment to measure all 3 kinds of electromagnetic fields that are commonly found in our modern living areas.  This includes:

  1. The ELF and VLF magnetic fields from power lines, electrical panels, electrical wiring, solar inverters, light fixtures, appliances, computers, televisions, fluorescent lights, and most other electrical and electronic devices.  Wiring errors and stray electricity in water pipes can also be a surprisingly strong source.
  2. The ELF Electric Fields from hidden electrical wiring within nearby walls and ceilings, power cords for lamps and devices, and sometimes overhead power lines.  Special attention is usually placed on the bedrooms, where people spend the most time. We use the Body Voltage Test Method to measure the actual AC voltages induced onto the skin.
  3. The radiofrequency (RF) fields from everything wireless in this modern world. This includes emissions from cell towers, cell phones, TV/radio broadcast towers, Smart Meters, DECT and cordless phones, Wi-Fi routers, wireless computer, baby monitors, microwave ovens, security systems, etc.
  4. Upon special request, we will also test for “dirty electricity”. In general, we recommend a more robust approach in which you reduce the body’s actual exposure to the entire EMF, rather than focus too much on the “dirty electricity” component carried along with the EMF.  Part of the reason is that standard “cures” for dirty electricity can cause other problems.

Real Estate Testing

We provide real estate surveys and written reports as needed.

Perhaps the most important (and effective) time to test for EMFs is before you purchase a new home, or rent a new apartment.  It is much less costly to test and avoid any high exposures from sources such as power lines and cell towers, than to try to do something about them later.  The testing can be scheduled before you make an offer, or after your offer is accepted, during the contingency period with the other inspections.


Written Reports

If desired, we can also type up a formal written report, at an extra charge for the extra time required.

In most cases this is actually not needed, because as part of the onsite testing process, you will receive a data form with all your measurements as recorded by hand, along with a detailed written information guide about EMF safety levels.  Sometimes, as appropriate, we also provide a hand written summary of your next steps.


What can I Learn by having my Home Tested?

The measurements are very helpful.  Now you can compare your own levels to that of other homes and offices.  For example, are you higher or lower than the average home?  You can compare your RMF levels to the levels linked to cancer in the various research studies.  If you are sensitive, you can compare your exposures to the levels usually needed to bring relief for sensitive individuals.


You can also learn:

  1. What are the strongest sources? Are the EMFs being emitted from power lines, electrical panels, the electrical wiring near your bed, a nearby cell tower, your wi-fi router, the smart meter, or many other common sources?
  2. What is actually under your control to turn off, repair, or shield? Many sources are under your own control, and once you know, you can take steps to reduce your exposures from wireless devices inside the home, clocks and electronics too close to the bed at night, faulty wiring, etc.  For example, some people turn off certain circuit breakers at night to eliminate high EMFs during sleep.
  3. What is not under your control? It can be difficult, expensive or even impossible to reduce EMF exposures from power lines, cell towers, smart meters, neighbors’ wireless devices, etc.  You may have no power to avoid certain EMF exposures, and knowing what they are can be an important factor in future decisions whether to stay in a particular home, or move out.
  4. Guidance about what kinds of repairs and shielding are most appropriate and effective for your particular situation. Shielding is not always the best option, and if not used properly, can cause even higher levels.  Sometimes you can rearrange the environment to get a little more distance from the high sources, and greatly reduce your exposures.
  5. Helpful guidance for figuring out how to prioritize your actions and solutions. We can do some comparative cost analysis and estimates for various potential solutions, if desired.
  6. In many cases, we can perform the simpler kinds of shielding and other strategies while we are there. The most common thing we do is provide ways to reduce the EMFs in the bedrooms at night, often by determining which circuits are causing the fields.
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