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    Rental Meter Fees

    Seven day rental program:  To help reduce your costs and yet get access to accurate and reliable EMF test meters, we provide a special 7 day rental program.  You can rent the meters individually – or in a 3-meter package at a discounted price to measure all 3 kinds of EMFs together.

    Rental period:  The one week rental period begins on the day that you receive the meters from us, usually via FedEx.  Then after 7 days of use, you ship the meters back to us.

    Standard Shipping Fee: Shipping fees are always $15 per shipment, whether that includes one, two or three rental meters.  This is for the USA only, using FedEx Ground, UPS Ground, or USPS Priority Mail.

    Expedited Shipping:  You can also pay for expedited shipping, which would be $10 plus the FedEx Express cost.  For expedited shipping, please call our office, do not order over the internet.

    Returning the rental meters:  After a week, you pack up the meters and typically pay $10 to $20 to ship the meters back to us via FedEx, UPS, or US Priority Mail.

    Sales tax:   California residents also pay sales tax on the rentals.

    Payments accepted:  We accept Visa, Master, Discover, American Express and PayPal.

    Tested and certified meters:  Every rental meter is individually checked for proper operation before we ship them out.

    Deposits:  In most cases, a deposit is not required to rent the test meters.  But in all cases, if a meter is not returned or is damaged upon return, we will charge you the remainder of the selling price minus the rental fees already paid.

    Half price for extra weeks:  If you wish to keep the rental meter for any extra weeks, that is no problem, just let us know.  The additional weeks are charged at only half of the first week rate.

    If you want to convert your rental into a purchase:  A lot of our clients request this.  You can apply half of your first week’s rental of that particular meter towards the purchase of that rental meter.  You can also ship the rental meter back to us and apply your credit toward the purchase of a new meter of the same model – but please note that you then have some additional shipping costs (a) to send it back to us plus (b) us to you again ($15).   All sales, even of the rental meters, have a warranty of 1 year from the purchase date.

    Outside of the USA:  Unfortunately, we do ship rental meters to Canada and other countries.  You can purchase the meters through our “Buy from our Distributor in New York” option on the sales pages.

    Prices:  Here are the 7 day rental prices for the rental meters and packages…

    The Alpha UHS gaussmeter, used to measure the ELF magnetic fields from power lines, electric panels, electrical wiring, and appliances, and the VLF magnetic fields from fluorescent lights, LEDs, electronics and computers, rents for $69.

    The Body Voltage Meter, used to measure the electric fields that are often anecdotally associated with EMF sensitivity and transport the dirty electricity signals through the air from the electrical wiring to your body, rents for $65.

    For measuring the radio frequency fields, there are three meters we recommend.  For most people, we recommended the Acoustimeter, which rents for $89.  If you are on a tight budget, the Acousticom is usually sufficient and rents for $65.  And the more professional TES 593 rents for $99.

    Discounted 3 meter combo packages:  We also offer discounted prices for packages which include all three meters needed to measure all three different kinds of EMF.  All the packages include the Alpha UHS gaussmeter for the magnetic fields, and the Body Volt meter for the electric fields.  Your choice is which radio frequency meter to use.

    For most people, we recommend the 3-meter package with the Acoustimeter.  This is $189 for a week.  This is a savings of $34 compared to renting individually.

    For tight budgets, the 3-meter package with the Acousticom is adequate for most people.  It rents for only $169, saving you $30 compared to renting individually.

    And the 3 meter package with the TES 593 rents for $199, saving you $34.

    In all cases, the shipping fee is only $15 for the entire 3-meter package.