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    Tested and Certified Meters

    Selecting the Best Meters

    Michael has been testing meters since 1992.  Based on his experience, he has selected the particular models that he has found to be the lowest cost, but yet have enough accuracy and sensitivity to be trusted.   Please see the “Test Meter” section of this website for his recommendations.

    Unfortunately, he has found that the lower priced meters – especially the cheaper models that test several kinds of EMFs at once like the TriField and the Cornet series – are almost more trouble than they are worth.  They tend to have huge accuracy problems and unpredictable quality variations, and thus we do not recommend them.  (For example, an actual level of 1 mG might measure as 5 to 10 mG on a TriField.)

    Poor Quality Control in the Meter Industry

    Quality control is a big problem in the test meter business, and we often experience troubles with even the $1000 plus professional meters.  Michael is perhaps the only one who tests the test meters regularly.  Some would say that the most important service we provide is that we individually test each meter for proper operation before we ship it out.

    Doing this, Michael has repeatedly been the one in this business to discover meter quality problems and irregularities, and has given feedback to the various manufacturers and distributors leading to changes and repairs.  We regularly return any meters if they do not meet our quality standards, and discontinue any models that have too many issues.

    Tested and Certified Meters

    Every EMF meter that we ship from our California office has been individually checked and certified by us for proper operation.  This is something no one else does, and it is important, because quality control is marginal in this industry.  We do this for both the new meters being purchased and the rental meters.  (Please note that international orders placed through our New York distributor are not tested and certified by us.)


    Every meter is individually tested by our staff for proper operation.  Our unique certification service helps to assure that you are getting an accurate and functional test meter.