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Testing a New Home for EMFs – Before You Buy or Rent!



In the long run, there is perhaps nothing more important

to help reduce your exposure to electromagnetic fields,

than to test a potential new home or apartment for EMFs

before you buy or rent it.


(Michael Neuert, EMF Engineer and Consultant)

Our Recommendation: Test Before You Buy or Rent

Do you want to choose a home with the lowest possible EMFs?  And a home that is likely to stay low in EMFs for many years to come?  Do you especially want to avoid getting a home that you later regret, because it turns out to be a total EMF nightmare?  Proper EMF testing — before you buy or rent — can help you choose a healthier home, and thus greatly reduce your family’s exposure to EMFs over the long term.

Why Test the EMFs?

There are certain EMF issues that are very difficult, expensive, or even impossible to fix.  Obviously, it would be wise to avoid purchasing a “high exposure” home in the first place.  But it is difficult to know without testing, because EMFs are invisible, and they can come from a variety of unexpected sources.  This includes buried power lines, wiring errors within the walls, hidden cell antennas, wireless devices of neighbors, and so much more.  The only way you can really know, is to test.

Our “How To Do It Yourself” Instruction Guide

Do you want to test the EMFs yourself?  Michael has designed a complete “How To Do It Yourself” video instruction guide that will walk you through all the steps to properly assess the EMFs in your potential new home or apartment.  This online mini-course is also a very good way to learn and prepare yourself for an onsite visit by a local professional.  See below for more detailed information.

Professional On-Site Testing

Would you rather have a professional come out and do the testing for you?  If you are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Satya Giordano — a certified EMF test technician, trained by Michael — can come to your location to do the EMF testing himself.  He can also offer you individualized consulting support over the telephone, to help guide you through the process.


You Can Test It Yourself!

Yes, you can measure the EMFs yourself, to help you decide whether to buy that new home, or rent that new apartment.  Michael’s instructional video course (see blue links) can walk you through the entire process, and help you do the EMF test assessment, properly and accurately.

We Can Guide You Through the Process

Michael’s guide is a complete and comprehensive course to help you choose the healthiest home possible.  It includes: what EMFs to test, what meters to use, how to perform the tests, how to interpret the measurements — and perhaps most important — what you can, or cannot, do about it.

This is a Complete and Inclusive Mini-Course

You will have access to videos, PDFs and other supporting materials.  Michael’s instructions include what to look for when you pre-screen homes (the various EMF clues that you can see without meters).  And then when you have access, how to measure the actual EMFs, and make a reasonable estimate of the future EMF exposures for that home.

Recommended Test Meters

Michael’s instructions include his expert advice about what test meters are best for you to use.  This includes his most up-to-date recommendations about the lowest cost meters available, that are also accurate and reliable enough to trust, for this kind of large financial and health decision.

EMF Safety Levels

The training includes critical information for you about safety levels — based on the scientific research studies plus Michael’s decades of experience working with clients.  This information may be very valuable to you, even if you have another local person come to do the measurements.

Learn What You Can Fix Vs What to Avoid

The mini-course can also help you figure out what EMFs are under your control and thus what you can change (including the approximate costs for repairs or shielding), versus what you cannot change (and thus you should probably walk away from that home and keep looking.)

One-To-One Support is Available

Satya Giordano (our certified EMF test technician) is also available to provide additional support and guidance as needed, on an individual basis.  This can be done via telephone or email consultations, at his regular consulting rate.

How to Get Started

Simply click the blue link below to get started in Michael’s online video course.  You can learn at you own pace, and watch as many times as you wish.  Membership is for one year, with complete access to all the course materials during that time.

Hire a Professional?

We Provide Professional On-Site Testing

For over 28 years now, we have provided professional EMF test services in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Satya Giordano — co-director and owner of the EMF Center — is available to come to your location, to help you measure and assess the EMFs in your potential new home.

Satya Giordano is Our On-Site Tester

Satya is a Certified EMF Test Technician, who was originally trained by Michael Neuert.  He is available for onsite testing throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  Satya has been testing and reducing EMFs since 2014, and has a wealth of knowledge about the potential solutions to many EMF problems — as well as which problems are difficult, or even impossible, to fix.  Click here for more information about Satya and his consulting fees.

Other Professional EMF Testers

Depending on your location, other testers may be available.  But remember that for EMFs, it is like the “Wild West” out there!  In other words, there is a huge variation in the training and expertise of different EMF testers.  There are no official standards, and anyone can test EMFs.  So please be careful about who you choose.

Which EMFs Should Be Tested?

We generally recommend that your potential new home be tested for at least two kinds of EMFs.  First, we recommend measuring the ELF magnetic fields with a high-quality 3-axis gaussmeter.  Second, we suggest testing the radio frequency (RF) fields with a broad spectrum RF test meter that detects frequencies up to at least 6 GHz or more.  (See below for more information about the three kinds of EMFs.)

Tips for Finding an EMF Test Professional

Unfortunately, there is no central listing of testers, or any professional standards for EMF testing at this time.  You might start by googling something like “EMF testing in New York” to find someone in your area.   You can also go to the Building Biologists website, because they train many of the best testers, click here.

Michael’s Mini-Course May be Helpful

If you plan to hire a local on-site tester, it might still be very helpful to go through Michael’s video mini-course first.  In this way, you can prepare and educate yourself before the visit — about the different kinds of EMFs, the safety levels to be considered, and some of the remediation options.   (See link below to access Michael’s mini-course.)

Additional One-To-One Support

If you wish, you can get ongoing technical support from us.  Satya, our certified EMF test technician, is available via on-site consulting, and by telephone or email, at his regular consulting rate.  Click here for more information about Satya and his consulting fees.

More Information About EMFs – Before You Buy or Rent!

What Types of EMFs Should be Tested?

There are three main kinds of electromagnetic fields.  For most people, we recommend testing the two EMFs that are generally considered to be of the greatest concern — the ELF magnetic fields and the radio frequency (RF) fields.

ELF Magnetic Fields

The first concern is for the ELF magnetic fields — which are commonly emitted from power lines, electrical wiring, and even stray electricity in water pipes.  This is the kind of EMF that has been linked to increased leukemia deaths for children living in homes near power lines.

Radio Frequency (RF) Fields

The second concern is for the wide variety of radio frequency (RF) fields — which are emitted from things like TV stations, cell towers, smart meters, Wi-Fi routers, and other wireless systems.  There are thousands of studies linking RF fields to important biological effects.

What About the ELF Electric Fields?

For a variety of reasons, we sometimes do not test the electric fields during the initial home testing procedures, but often do that later when people are moved in. Electric fields are also a health concern, but the strongest source is often from electrical wiring in the building, and thus under the control of the owners.

ELF Electric Field Recommendations

Almost all homes have concerning levels of electric fields, and most homes will require some remediation to reduce the electric fields in the bedrooms at night.  Therefore, electric field test protocols and recommendations are included in Michael’s video instruction mini-course.  And if Satya comes to your location, he can measure the electric fields if you wish, in addition to the ELF magnetic and RF fields.  We recommend Body Voltage Testing, as the best method to measure how the electric fields are actually interacting with the surface of the body.

Dirty Electricity Issues

In our opinion, dirty electricity (DE) is a big health issue.  But we often do not measure dirty electricity during the initial home assessment, for reasons that are explained in the video mini-course.  Generally, the stronger the DE measurement, the more irregular and unhealthy the electric fields from the wiring become.  So one solution is to simply reduce the electric fields.  And of course, if Satya comes to you location, he can perform dirty electricity testing if you wish.

Problems with Dirty Electricity Solutions

Unfortunately, the standard DE test meter detects only the voltage (electric field) part of the dirty electricity signals.  The problem with standard DE filters as a solution, is that they tend to actually increase the current (magnetic field) part of the dirty electricity — something which the DE test meters cannot detect!  Therefore, special protocols and recommendations for dealing with electric fields and dirty electricity are both included with Michael’s video instruction mini-course.

How to Get Started

Simply click the blue link bar below to get started with Michael’s online video course — how to test your new home for EMFs before you decide to purchase or rent.  You can watch and learn at you own pace, and review the materials as many times as you wish.   You can also get individual consulting support from our EMF test technician, Satya Giordano.  Thank you.

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