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    TriField 100XE Meter (3 kinds of EMF) 2017-11-23T12:43:48+00:00

    TriField 100XE, to test all 3 kinds of EMFs

    In general, I have found that the lower priced meters – especially the cheaper models that test several kinds of EMFs at once like the TriField and the Cornet meters – are almost be more trouble than they are worth.  They tend to have substantial accuracy and quality issues, and thus we do not recommend them for most purposes.

    However, there are a few situations in which the inaccuracy of the TriField 100XE is actually useful!  Therefore, we do occasionally provide TriField meters to clients, but usually only under our supervision and guidance, as the TriField tends to read high.  For example it might read 10 milligauss when the actual magnetic field level is only 1 mG.

    This “error” is because the meter is frequency weighted, and it gives high noise when exposed to very “noisy” magnetic fields.  So in certain circumstances, it can be helpful to use the TriField in conjunction with an accurate gaussmeter, to help determine the Dirty Electricity (DE) component of the magnetic fields, as this something all standard Dirty Electricity meters simply do not measure.

    In fact, most DE filters make this magnetic noise worse, while at the same time the standard DE meter completely ignores it, and only measures the “electric” noise component.  But this “noise” on the magnetic part is a great concern for many sensitive individuals, and for this purpose, we sometimes provide, use or recommend the TriField.

    Also, the electric and radiofrequency modes on the TriField 100XE are not very sensitive.  They simply do not pick up the normal levels found in homes, and thus these 2 modes are almost useless.  Only the magnetic mode has some usefulness, as explained above.

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