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    All test meters come with a one year warranty. 

    All purchases are final.  We do not accept returns of the test meters, unless there is problem with the functioning of the meter.

    I have selected what I believe to be the lowest cost test meters available, with enough accuracy and reliability to trust their measurements.

    In general, I have found that the lower priced meters, especially the cheaper models that test several kinds of EMFs at once, like the TriField and the Cornet meters, to almost be more trouble than they are worth, as they tend to have substantial quality and measurement issues, and thus we do not recommend or carry them.

    Certified and Tested Meters:  Perhaps the most important service we provide is that we individually test each meter for proper operation before we ship it out.  Doing this, I have repeatedly been the one in this business to discover meter quality problems and irregularities, and have given feedback to the various manufacturers and distributors leading to changes and repairs.  I regularly return any meters if they do not meet my quality standards.

    All sales of rental meters are warranted by us for one year from purchase: If you want to convert your rental to a purchase – something many clients do after using the rental meters – you can apply half of the first week’s rental that you paid towards the purchase of that same rental meter, or towards a new meter of the same model (plus the added shipping costs).  We provide a one year warranty for your purchase of any rental meters.

    Warranty Information FAQs:

    • What Does This Warranty Cover?
      Our warranty covers malfunctions due to a manufacturing defect.
    • What Does This Warranty Not Cover?
      This warranty does not cover gross mechnical damage.
    • What is the Period of Coverage?
      The warranty period is for one year from the date of delivery.
    • What Will We Do to Correct Problems?
      In the event of a manufacturing defect within the warranty period, we will have the meter repaired or replaced, at our option.  Please call our office for instructions.
    • Where do I Send the Meter to be Examined or Repaired?
      This will depend on the particular meter.  Please call our office for instructions.
    • What about Problems that Occur After the Warranty Period?

    Non-warranty repairs may be subject to a fee.  Please call our office for instructions.

    • Can I have a Meter Checked or Recalibrated?
      Yes, you can ship it to us, and we will re-check your meter for proper operation, for a $25 fee plus shipping costs for both directions.  In some cases, the manufacturer can also recalibrate your meter, usually for a higher fee.  Please call our office for information.