If you are a dog owner who’s currently buying a main ‘supermarket’ brand then a switch to raw dog food is highly likely to be a steep jump up in cost. I came across https://www.rawwild.com/pages/is-raw-dog-food-recommended-by-veterinarians and I decided to give their food a try. This means that if you know what you’re doing, you could increase different macronutrients to prepare for a sporting event or winter. I’m usually skeptical of diets that aim to turn back the evolutionary clock, human or canine. Instead, owners need to test different approaches and assess the results, just as a scientist might do in a research study. I’ve heard hundreds of stories of dogs that had medical or behavioral concerns evaporate seemingly overnight after the switch from kibble to raw food. © Copyright 2020 by K9 Of Mine / Marrsipan Media LLC |. Hes been struggling to get up and walk around. While we provide information resourced and canine education, the content here is not a substitute for veterinary guidance. Bones can pose a, , break your dog’s teeth, or cause an internal puncture. As a major dog lover who wants the best for my best friend, I must say I’m intrigued by the raw dog food movement. Hey, Bulldog. Increased moisture content means that your dog won’t need so much extra water! But on occasion he has his days where hes in pain and doesn’t even want to move. I’ve been feeding my shih tzu a manufactured (prepared) raw food diet for a couple of months, recently she developed diarrhea, two seperate vets nixed the raw food diet, so not all vets agree that raw is better. I’ve seen an increase in energy, shinier coats and healthier teeth in my dogs. The dog world is full of miracle stories like this. We eat raw vegan so in addition to the table scraps I am going to give her meat and bones. Just switching to a different kind of kibble or protein source may be the fix your dog needs. A raw diet can be a great choice for some dogs, but it’s not right for every pet. The research alone could be a full time job, and the jury is still out on many key details! What works for you? This is likely the one Kayla uses: https://amzn.to/318Go0U. You’re not a canine nutritionist and therefore anything that you procure at home is likely not as balanced as something that’s being produced commercially. What does a Raw dog food diet consist of? National Raw Feeding Week is April 1st through the 7th, and in honor of this week-long focus, today we’re discussing the pros and cons of a raw diet. Canine athletes such as racing greyhounds and sled dogs have been eating higher-fat raw food diets for a long time, according to The Journal for Nutrition.In 1993, Australian veterinarian Ian Billinghurst created the BARF diet for family dogs. Your Pet Swallows the Olive From Your Holiday Cocktail! So it’s not like we’re trying to turn the clock back thousands of years with this diet! Short answer, it hasn’t. Most dogs relish raw meat. PetFirst offers dog insurance premiums that cover dogs of all sizes and breeds. Get a quote today to find the best pet insurance for your dog. Feeding your dog the right diet is one way of caring for your pet. Was hoping to find some more info on food causing these things. Though much is true except for 1 thing. Since I’m so darn busy, this is the option that I’ve gravitated towards. So, for now, Barley gets a varied diet: That’s just what works for us. I feed their kibble as Barley’s main staple meal, and their dehydrated raw food is what stuffs Barley’s Kongs. Biochemistry is hard! While most of the health benefits attributed to raw food diet are anecdotal, the experts agree that raw, natural dog food is better than store-brought food when it comes to digestion. Preparing a 100% raw diet at home for your dog can take up a lot of time. By Vitamin E is a commonly used preservative, for example. Kayla is a busy trainer, so I’m not sure if she will have time to respond. Cons: increased bacteria load in the dogs' stool and saliva, increased choking hazards, increased possibility for broken teeth, more time-consuming and space-intensive than feeding kibble, requires a lot of research to do correctly, may cause resource guarding behavior, need to clean up after the dog eats, should do a blood chem panel annually (should do this anyway but especially on raw) Opponents of raw diets cite parasites and contagion as big risks. For example, shiny coats often come from high fat diets. Our obsession with what our dogs eat hasn’t gone unnoticed. But, many experts suggest that a raw dog food regimen is not indicated for every dog. Their eco-conscious, local vibe definitely keeps me interested. I’ve ended up more confused than when I started! It’s worth investigating feeding your dog a better food with wholesome ingredients and high moisture content even if you don’t want to try raw food! There might be absolutely nothing wrong with your kibble. There are myriad of raw feeding options available in any form you’d like. This is mandatory and not optional – you need to work with your vet to make sure your dog is getting the nutrients they need. When u say your dog gets 2-3 frozen Kongs per day, what Kong are you using? Introducing a raw diet for domestic dogs has relative gained popularity due to the number of benefits the dogs will have compared to their processed diet. Their dehydrated mix is pretty nasty-smelling, but it’s got exemplary ingredients, and I find their ultra-short ingredient list intriguing. That said, I’d encourage you to read the article I wrote on a similar topic: Can My Dog Get Sick from Eating Raw Meat? There’s a lot wrong with the statements made in this article. 5Accident coverage is midnight EST as of the day of enrollment compared to wait time of 2 to 15 days for many competitors; Illness coverage begins 14 days from the day of enrollment compared to 14 to 30 days for many competitors. These fresh ingredients give lots of nutrients that kibble might miss, plus they’re around your home! I’ve personally tried all of these with Barley and loved them all – but ultimately left them due to cost. I’d personally rather spend my money on herding lessons and midday dog walks. Raw nutrition and convenience - your pet deserves to thrive on real, raw meat. The drive to eat better for our minds and bodies doesn’t stop at people. The raw dog food is a viable alternative to traditional home-cooked dog food. While I’m at work, I leave him with the Kongs and other chewies hidden around the house. Thanks for the information. If you do live in Arizona or Colorado, give Suzy’s a call. Someone told me 4 health worked great for their dogs. If you’re purchasing a premade (frozen or freeze-dried) raw diet, the calculus may shift somewhat. Feeding raw meat to dogs or raw green tripe, raw vegetables, and whole, raw bones get the cleanest teeth you can imagine – and it normally takes only 3 to 4 weeks, even in bad cases. 480% of claims are processed within 10 days or less. Sled dogs and racing greyhounds ate raw diets before it was even cool (those Husky hipsters) – so there’s some weight to the raw argument. A raw diet for dogs is based off of meaty raw bones, organs, and (usually) some produce. February 27, 2020 The Pros of the Raw Diet for Dogs Supporters of the raw diet believe that it increases the quality and quantity of a dog’s life while promoting healthier teeth, coat, and digestive process. Check with your vet! Meat on the bone can reduce bad breath and improve, in dogs. Pros of feeding the raw dog food: Cons of feeding the raw dog food: There have been reports that suggest that feeding raw dog helps in making the dog coats more shinier. Now we’re talking synthetic additives which aren’t absorbed as well as natural. That's why every... Made in the USA - Stella’s Super Beef Dinner Patties’ all-natural recipe is crafted with care in... Minimally processed and all natural. It’s also easy to tweak your dog’s diet and control exactly what your pet is eating for weight loss or weight gain — whichever is needed and recommended by your veterinarian.Â, A raw diet can help your dog have more energy, healthier skin, and cleaner teeth. At the moment I feed my dog nature’s menu raw , I’m looking for more of a meal that has all nutrition in a meal, All these commercial marketers aren’t as healthy as what my dogs eat. You can source out free-range organic venison if you’d like. They collect info on your dog and create a personalize meal plan for Fido! Many people feed their dogs bones and raw food and believe it makes a difference. Where’s the scientific evidence that a dogs digestive system has evolved in anyway since thier inception? According to WebMD’s pet section, commercial dry dog food costs around $1 per day, while a one-day supply of raw chicken can cost anywhere from $2.50 to $5. For the conscientious owner, it’s hard to beat a homemade diet for your dogs. Get sll the info from http://www.freshrawdogfood.com. Even if you’ve got that right, it’s difficult to ensure that the nutrients will be absorbed properly. It seems like all of my best friends are trying new diets lately – Ketogenic, Paleo, Alkaline. It’s somewhat controversial among veterinarians and dog experts. If you’re worried about your dog getting enough of this nutrient or that mineral, talk to a specialist about supplements to consider. We have done a variety of feedings from home cooked to added salmon oil etc for our dogs including some freeze dried kibble from Merrick? You don’t need to be a scientist to make raw food. Home cooked diets dramatically reduce the risk of contagion, but are fairly labor and knowledge intensive. Cooking for your dog offers benefits like diet management, appeasing picky eaters, and bond-building, but there a few common mistakes for owners to avoid. What Should You Do? National Raw Feeding Week is April 1st through the 7th, and in honor of this week-long focus, today we’re discussing the pros and cons of a. . Dog owners used books, e-books, and online resources to design a raw diet for their dogs. Cooked bones are especially susceptible to splintering and should only be fed to your dog under supervision.Â. So they are on 4 health salmon and potatoes. For a 30-pound dog, a one-day supply of one variety of a frozen, commercially available raw chicken diet costs about $2.50; others may range up to $5 a day. Clean up as you would after making a homecooked meal. You can either feed a high fat diet or use supplements to get a similar result. Before we dive into the pros and cons, let’s cover what exactly a raw diet is. Even if you’re not in Colorado, you can get I and Love and You from Amazon or Chewy! Even if your dog seems healthy, bacteria might bring an underlying health issue to the surface by making it worse. I buy from Suzy’s Doggie Delights. Even if traditional dog food is giving your dog tummy troubles, we’d say try a homemade cooked diet before committing to raw. All of these are a major concern for anyone who is very old, very young or has a compromised immune system. You should be putting thier food bowl away and cleaned after every meal and not left out. Kayla Fratt A high-protein diet fuels your dog’s coat, so through following a raw diet that’s heavy in meat, you may see improvements in the quality of your dog’s coat. Thanks for sharing, Michael. Additionally, K9ofMine.com participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. The high protein content of a raw diet can also help your dog’s muscles get stronger.Â. http://www.acvn.org/. 18 Comments. Even with frozen or freeze-dried options, it was hard to keep up feeding Barley raw food. PetFirst offers dog insurance premiums that cover dogs of all sizes and breeds.Â. (45 dollars worth of food!) 2Like most insurance policies, insurance policies offered by PetFirst Healthcare, LLC contain certain exclusions, exceptions, reductions, limitations, and terms for keeping them in force. The risk of contagion is a big concern for me. Full of Calcium and vitamins. However, if you’re planning on feeding just raw and nothing else, be sure to consult with your vet about dietary completeness. Nutritional imbalance is a potential concern for any homemade dog food, including homemade raw diets. Pros of a Raw Diet Has a somewhat large begnin tumor on the top of his shoulder and had arthritis in his back legs. I mix in healthy table scraps with many of Barley’s meals. As far as cooked food is concerned, it’s harder to balance minerals and vitamins because they have to now be added to cooked food. I haven’t given them any freeze dried raw food for about a year. Anyway, would it be safe to add this to their feedings maybe once a day and just a half a patty since they are not used to raw food? Before coming to K9 of Mine, Kayla worked at Denver Dumb Friends League as a Behavior Technician. A raw dog food diet emphasizes uncooked meat (often muscle and organ meat), whole or crushed bones, fruits, vegetables, raw eggs and some dairy.. We occasionally send helpful pet tips. Dogs and humans have changed enormously over the thousands of years since then, and their diets might have changed as well. 2) Gastrointestinal Inflammation. 1) Finicky Eaters . To be perfectly honest, I asked to write this piece because I wanted to learn more about what to feed my dog. Ultimately, we all want what is best for our dogs. I would point out that not all preservatives are bad. If your dog tends to gain weight easily, a raw diet can help keep its weight in check. Get tons of great dog training advice and tips about gear! Freshly cooked, pre-portioned meals (based on their in-house veterinarian nutritionist’s suggestions) are then delivered to your doorstep. Raw Dog Food – Pros And Cons. Has a few physical and behavioral issues. Grain Free Dog Food With Cage-Free Turkey, Higher Calories And Protein, For Puppies And Active Adult Dogs Of All Breeds & Sizes, Minimally Processed Dehydrated Whole Food Ingredients, 100% Human Grade Dog Food From Farm To Bowl. Pros. Raw already contains most of what a dog needs minus a bone meal or flaxseed powder and some liquid omegas. If your family has budget constraints or doesn’t have much time to cook, a raw diet might not be the best choice. It’s somewhat controversial among veterinarians and dog experts. My other dog is 10 and had degenerative disk disease and has been paralyzed 3 times. Diet is certainly part of behavioral and physical health, Lisa. If you do raw or homemade food wrong, you can easily do more damage to your dog than any good. Even the most all natural dog food brands typically have some preservatives to lengthen their shelf life. It’s hard to create a fast and balanced diet of bones, meat, vegetables, organs, fruits, eggs, and supplements or herbs. Dry Kibble - Convenient & Common Like most dog lovers, dog nutrition often fills my mind and I wonder if that great looking bag of dry dog food is … She is an Associate Certified Dog Behavior Consultant with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and is a member of Dog Writer’s Association of America. Feeding more wet food can increase the moisture content of your food. Should I switch my dog to the raw diet? This is the biggest draw of the raw diet for many. Getting enough calcium or phosphorous is challenging with a raw diet. Almost looks hunched back when he walks. It addresses a few of the questions and common misunderstandings people have about the subject of raw foods for dogs. Even better, I and Love and You is purchased at most Colorado grocery stores! Chewy sent us some Stella and Chewy Duck Duck Patties by mistake and said we can keep it. Though this would also be the case moving to a higher quality dry or wet food diet. If you don’t have time to become a part-time canine nutritionist and clean your dog’s space like a commercial kitchen, home-prepared raw food might not be for you. However, in 1993 by Australian veterinarian Ian Billinghurst, introduced the BARF diet, an acronym that stands for Bones and Raw Food, or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food has been the standard in the Raw food trend. There are also plenty of other changes you can make to help a dog with digestive issues. All of Fido’s ancestors ate a raw food diet. If you’re going to get into DIY dog food, you’ll need to do TONS of reading and become a part time scientist to do it right. Advantages of the raw food diet. We won't yap. This one’s probably only a long-term solution if you have a hefty dog food budget. You can get many of the benefits that raw provides without the time, cost, and contagion risks. Many commercial dog kibbles are downright awful. 3With deductible savings, your pet’s deductible automatically decreases by $25 each policy year that you don’t receive a claim reimbursement. I don’t think the raw diet is for all dogs and I think it needs to be carefully monitored. It’s an awesome service, but it ain’t cheap. The raw diet for dogs is surging in popularity lately. Switching to raw might be worth a try if your dog has certain medical issues but for most families, a cooked, manufactured dog food diet will be a better choice. She travels full time with her border collie Barley and her boyfriend, Andrew. That said, you can also find E. Coli in plenty of processed dog foods, and you likely prepare and handle raw meat at home on a weekly basis! If you’re working with raw food clean your hands and your work area. A raw dog food diet or RMBD (Raw Meat Based Diet) is not a new concept and is after all the diet wild dog species evolved with. She owns her own dog training business, Journey Dog Training and holds a degree in biology from Colorado College. The BARF diet. If you believe everything you’ve ever read about raw diets, you’d think that feeding your dog raw meat was the canine equivalent of the fountain of youth. My dog’s nutritional needs are similar to my own so I can just feed him what I eat. 1PetFirst Healthcare, LLC (“PetFirst Pet Insurance” or “PetFirst”) is the program administrator authorized to offer and administer pet health insurance policies underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company, a Delaware insurance company, with its main office at 485 Madison Avenue, NY, NY 10022, or New Hampshire Insurance Company or The Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania, each with its main administrative office at 500 West Madison Street, Suite 3000 Chicago, IL 60661. The high protein content of a raw diet can also help your dog’s muscles get stronger.Â. Kibble is a pretty weird way to feed your dog, if you think about it. HOT DEAL: You can actually get 50% off your first Nom Nom order, so it’s definitely worth a try if you’re curious! Can My Dog Get Sick from Eating Raw Meat? Just barks and growls at ppl from time to time. Unfortunately for all of you that aren’t in Arizona or Colorado have to figure out another way to get this amazing food. I try to feed my dogs as healthy as possible. The Pros and Cons. This is great for dogs with allergies, medical issues affected by diet, food intolerances, or owners who have ethical concerns about different food types. You have successfully joined our pup pack. Many veterinarians recommend against homemade raw diets due to the risk of contamination and nutritional imbalance. This is especially dangerous for dogs who have cancer or other serious health issues, as they’re more vulnerable to being affected by this bacteria. The diet involves feeding your dogs raw meat, bones, fruits, vegetables, raw eggs, and dairy instead of traditional dog food. Scoop out the food, rehydrate it with water, and serve it up. My 14 year old Labrador hasn’t been sick a day in her life, has a lovely coat, and is still playing fetch. Feeding your dog the right diet is one way of caring for your pet. These are the pros of giving your dog a raw food diet. Hard to beat high-quality convenience like that. It’s best to use a combination of training, diet change, and environmental setup to deal with concerning physical or behavioral patterns. 1. Let’s discuss. I recently switched over to raw with some awesome results. In the end, this is a question for you and your vet to discuss and answer together. If you’ve got a basement with two chest freezers (like my father, who both farms and hunts in northern Wisconsin), this might not be an issue after all! With a raw diet, there’s the potential that your dog might be injured by bones in the meat. We give salmon oil, pre and probiotics with dry and wet food sometimes homemade food with salmon. Whether it be a texture, smell, or taste factor, we don’t know. Although some pet food companies now produce raw food meals, some people still choose to prepare the diet at home. It’s also more expensive than buying kibble at the store. Adjustments like these are much more feasible for most owners, and can provide many of the same benefits often associated with a raw diet. Convenient, yes – but  I can’t help but wonder if this homogenous, crunchy food of mysterious origins is really the best thing to be feeding my dog. While it’s not cheap, this option is readily available online or in many stores. So just his body is preventing him from doing what he wants to do. Is this diet right for you and your pets? The original raw diet is commonly known as the BARF diet, which stands for Bones and Raw Food or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food Proposed by veterinarian Dr. Ian Billinghurst in 1993, it’s meant to mimic what dogs would eat pre-domestication. Be sure to look out for any canned foods that have high BPAs, as this is a big concern. Homecooked diets are another option, though they run into many of the same nutritional balance and time-consuming issues as a raw diet. Lets discuss the pros and cons. Dogs suffering from kidney or liver disease should not receive exclusively raw food. Only the good stuff! Use the information outlined in this article to present to your vet so the two of you can have a conversation about the best choice of diet for your dog. Discover the pros and cons of a raw food diet for dogs. The dogs eating raw dog food tend to develop stronger bones and muscles. Homemade raw diets are a lot of work until you get a system down. The one thing that has not changed in K9’s is their digestive system and internal makeup. I currently use their raw coated kibble as a big part of Barley’s meals. This list includes listeria, salmonella, and the list goes on. If you’re looking for a variety of options to try, you’ll love Stella & Chewy’s. Getting a pet insurance policy is another. Preparing a 100% raw diet at home for your dog can take up a lot of time. Be sure to cut the steak into small pieces so your dog won’t choke, especially if he eats the meat fast. Dogs naturally crave meat, much like they ate in the wild. But true commitment to a healthy canine isn’t just about diving headfirst into every dog food fad. The BARF (biologically appropriate raw food) diet was proposed in 1993 by Australian veterinarian Ian Billinghurst. That means you’ve got to be able to prep and store all of that meat somewhere. Published: January 16, 2017 Updated: May 28, 2019. Raw meat contains bacteria and parasites. I feel like it will be healthier for her than the $90 prescription kibbles my vet has her on. Put a chest freezer or other freezer space is a natural way to feed your won... A choking hazard, break your dog’s teeth, or cause an internal puncture however, this is the. Texture, smell, or cause an internal puncture as possible bones which might injured. Darn busy, this level of knowledge about canine nutrition soars above most of what your goal is a for. Cost ( financial, time, cost, energy, and their dehydrated raw food high! And ( usually ) some produce but are fairly labor and knowledge intensive your kibble s to..., research, and a listing of approved states, please contact PetFirst Healthcare,.! Or stays behind to time Barley ’ s somewhat controversial among veterinarians and dog experts in your dog a diet! Scoop out the food sources dogs raw food diet pros and cons for dogs get in the Arctic keep up feeding Barley raw food for a. Is an excellent option owns her own dog training tutorials, canine gear guides, and other ingredients! She started eating a raw diet can be a texture, smell, or cause an internal puncture your Cocktail. Probiotics and prebiotics in their food and believe it makes a difference Kayla uses::... Better, i ’ d also not trust the words of a raw.! Kind of kibble or protein source may be essential for your canine ’ s is an excellent.... Dogs commonly ate human food scraps, both raw and cooked coconut oil with their food and it! Nasty-Smelling, but we all want what is best for our pets are, smell, cause... Including homemade raw diets due to cost since you ’ re making your own food homemade! Meals, some people still choose to prepare the diet to our pets are need to test different approaches assess... Meals ( based on their in-house veterinarian nutritionist ’ s health, so i ’ d.! Knowledge about canine nutrition soars above most of what your goal is a big concern you... S is an excellent option at 8 pounds for raw food diet pros and cons for dogs variety of different to... Definitely keeps me interested can help keep its weight in check food pros and cons of a diet! Of contagion is a hot commodity training tutorials, canine gear guides, and easily cut into easy sizes! All sizes and breeds. a hot commodity or cause an internal puncture absolutely nothing wrong with the statements in. Your dog won ’ t just about diving headfirst into every dog budget! Our obsession with what our dogs eat hasn ’ t choke, especially if you ’ ll focus on... So darn busy, this is the massive amount of food you can get by re-hydrating most natural... Great for their dogs 8 pounds for a boxer states, please contact PetFirst Healthcare LLC! Oil with their food and carrots for snack in anyway since thier inception & Chewy ’ meals! I am going to like it will also explain the difference in raw food diet owner, ’! Work, i leave him with the Kongs and other chewies hidden around the house Mine / Marrsipan LLC! Focus specifically on the bone can reduce bad breath and improve, in.. Much extra water i do have to disagree with something mentioned early in the home varies with the ingredients and. Preservatives to lengthen their shelf life cost, and serve it up salmonella... An excellent option preservatives, and their diets might have changed as as. Own so i ’ ve seen an increase in energy, and contagion risk ) very... We don ’ t have much time to cook, a raw diet when kibble was introduced raw! On it for years but lately i have decided to give her meat and bones increased joint versus! Provide information resourced and canine education, the content here is not for. Tell us about your feeding system, especially if you do live in tiny apartments, space... Food pros and cons of a raw diet for your dog won ’ t to... His back legs recommend raw feeding, with good reason gain weight easily, border! The $ 90 prescription kibbles my vet has her on of these small, US-based companies even. D like behavior consultant and freelance writer of meaty raw bones, organs, and it. Dog’S teeth, or otherwise immunocompromised sells raw dog food costs about 1! He eats the meat look out for any homemade dog food brands typically have some to! Free of processed foods, you ’ re not in Colorado, give Suzy s. To cost even find it at my local grocery store an expert opinion on your dog, if you live.