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To begin, there are three different kinds of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) you may need to test, and each requires a different test meter…

Radio Frequency or “RF” (including microwaves and 5G)

Radio frequency or “RF” fields (including microwaves and 5G) refers to the high frequency EMFs emitted by cell towers, cell phones, smart meters, Wi-Fi routers, wireless computers, iPads, baby monitors, TV and radio broadcast towers, microwave ovens, and many other wireless sources including 5G. For most people we recommend the Safe and Sound Pro II meter. For more information on other RF test meters and how to measure radio frequencies, please click here.

Magnetic Fields

ELF/VLF Magnetic fields are the EMF component most often linked to serious health effects in the scientific research literature (for example, childhood leukemia from power lines).   Magnetic fields are emitted from power lines, building wiring, lights, appliances — virtually everything that runs on regular electricity in your home or office. More most people we recommend the Alpha UHS2 meter. For more information on other magnetic test meters and how to measure magnetic fields, please click here.

Electric Fields

ELF/VLF Electric fields make up the other (electro) half of the electro-magnetic fields from power lines, wiring, lights, appliances, etc.  Electric fields may also have health effects, but have been studied far less than the other two kinds of EMF.  Anecdotally, electric fields are often involved when people feel discomfort or have symptoms related to electrical sources.  For most people we recommend a Body Voltage Meter.  For more information on other electric field test meters and how to measure electric fields, please click here.

Why Measure?

For more information on why you need a test meter, please click here.

Free Training Videos

To access our free training videos on how to use some of the EMF test meters (including the ones above), please click here.

Before You Buy or Rent a Home

If you want to test a new home or apartment before you decide to buy or rent it — The most important EMF to test is typically the magnetic fields from nearby power lines and wiring inside the home.  The second priority might be the RF/microwave fields from nearby cell towers and TV/radio stations as well as the equipment from nearby neighbors. For more information about measuring a new home before you buy or rent, please click here.

If You Are Sensitive to EMFs

If you are experiencing symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity (ES/EHS) or serious health issues like cancer, chronic fatigue, chemical sensitivity, Lyme disease and immune disorders, we strongly recommend that you test for all three kinds of EMFs – especially the electric fields, with a Body Voltage Meter.

For more general information on EMF Sensitivity from Michael, please click here.

For more general information on EMF Sensitivity from Dr. Scott Eberle (an EMF sensitive medical doctor), please click here.

For more information on the particular test meters, please refer to the individual links in the text above.

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