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What Are the Health Concerns?

By Michael R Neuert, MA, BSME, ©2023

Cancer & Other Health Risks from EMFs

Published studies from around the world have linked electromagnetic fields (EMFs) to increased risks for several types of cancer — as well as increased stress, suppression of the immune system, cellular and hormonal changes, and even depression and suicide.  As of 2020, several thousand studies have reported important biological effects related to EMFs. Note 1

Illnesses Linked to EMFs

Some of the specific illnesses include leukemia, lymphoma, brain tumors, melanoma, breast cancer, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, miscarriage and birth defects.  Anecdotally, EMFs are often associated with sleep problems, headache, fatigue, anxiety, confusion, irritability, memory loss, dizziness, itchy or burning skin, tinnitus, and many other symptoms. Note 1

Electromagnetic Sensitivity

A variety of debilitating symptoms are being reported by people with serious health issues related to high sensitivity from exposure to EMFs.  This is sometimes also called “Electrical Sensitivity” (ES) or “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity” (EHS).  As an EMF consultant since 1992, I have worked with thousands of individuals who experienced troubling EMF symptoms and sensitivities.

And today, although several thousand research studies have reported biological effects from EMFs – studies that can explain the biological mechanisms behind these symptoms – EMF sensitivity is generally not yet accepted or understood by our mainstream medical system.  However, it is becoming increasingly recognized by alternative/integrative medical practitioners. Note 1  Please click this link for further detailed information about Electromagnetic Sensitivity.

Three Kinds of Electromagnetic Fields

There are three main types of EMFs.  All three types of EMFs have been linked to adverse biological effects.  Each type of EMF is measured with a different kind of test instrument:

  1. ELF/VLF Magnetic Fields are the particular EMF component most often linked to serious health effects – such as childhood leukemia and other cancers – in the research studies.  Common sources include electric power lines, electrical wiring, lighting fixtures, electric appliances and most electrical devices.  Wiring issues and stray electrical current in metal pipes can also create surprisingly high levels.  Magnetic fields are measured with an ELF gaussmeter, in units such as “milligauss” (mG). Notes 1, 2
  2. ELF/VLF Electric Fields are also linked to important biological effects, but have been studied far less.  Anecdotally, they are often involved when people feel sensitive to electromagnetic fields.  Common sources include hidden electrical wiring, power cords for lamps and devices, and power lines.  Electric fields create unnatural AC electric voltages on the skin, which can be measured directly with a Body Volt Meter, in units such as “Volts AC”. Notes 1, 2
  3. RF Fields (Radio Frequency Fields, including Microwaves) have also been linked to a variety of cancers and other health effects.  RF fields are commonly emitted from electronic and wireless equipment – including cell towers, cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, Smart Meters, computers, microwave ovens, radar, TV/radio station towers, automobiles, baby monitors, security systems, and much more.  They are measured with an RF test meter, in units such as “microwatts per centimeter squared” (μW/cm²), or “volts per meter” (V/m). Notes 1, 3

Controversy About EMF Health Effects

There is great controversy about the potential health effects of EMF exposure.  Please refer to the proper medical authorities and scientific literature to make your own decisions regarding possible health effects and safety levels. Note 1  

For more information about EMFs, click this link to go to my “What EMF Level is Safe?” chart showing some of the common EMF exposure guidelines that you may wish to consider. Note 1, 4

Special Notes:

  1. Note 1   I am engineer, and not a medical doctor.  I cannot diagnose or treat any EMF-related health concerns.  Please consult with your own doctor or other health professional regarding EMF exposure guidelines.
  2. Note 2   Extremely-Low-Frequency or “ELF” is the EMF frequency range which includes the common 60 hertz (60 cycles-per-second) electric utility power used in the US/Canada and the 50 Hz power in Europe.
  3. Note 3  “Dirty Electricity” occurs when unwanted RF frequencies are added to the ELF magnetic and electric fields – due to the use of electronic dimmers, fluorescent lights, solar inverters, smart meters, etc.
  4. Note 4   Some of this information is anecdotal, based on my 28+ years of professional experience with clients.
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