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Seeking Medical Care

By Dr. Scott Eberle

I have made the important decision not to offer clinical services to people with EHS. Several factors influenced this decision: my age, my health, the monk-like life I’m forced to lead, and the commitments I already have in the world. This is the very reason I chose to pass on the lessons I’ve learned by creating this “Doctor’s Corner” in Satya’s website.

That said, getting quality medical care is an important part of dealing with EHS. Four parts to this:

1. Getting Good Primary Care: I was originally trained as a primary care doctor before later specializing, so I know firsthand how important it is to have the support of a good primary care physician. My own primary care doctor, though not too knowledgeable about EHS, has been hugely supportive of my efforts to return to health.

If you are blessed to have a good primary care physician, stay with that person, even if it means YOU educating THE DOCTOR. If you don’t have one, look around. Here are links to several articles you can take to your doctor to help educate them:

A warning: These articles offer scientific validity to the existence of EHS and how to treat it, but do not give your power away to physicians and medical tests. The final determinant of whether you have EHS, and what form it takes, must come from your own careful monitoring and self-assessment.

2.Consulting with a Functional Medicine Specialist: Functional medicine is a growing area of expertise that uses wisdom drawn from basic medical science to guide the prescribing of supplements and other modalities. I found this hugely helpful in the initial recovery phase of my illness. Most all major cities have practitioners who specialize in this. Do an internet search for “functional medicine” in your own area and see what you can find.

3.Finding an EHS Specialist: The following are doctors I have heard about who care for people with EHS. I have never had any contact with any of them, so I can’t evaluate the quality of their work in any way. I merely list their names here that you might consider contacting them.

  • Northern California: Dr. Toril Jelter (in Walnut Creek)
  • Southern California: Dr. Hildegarde Staninger
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico: Dr. Erica Elliot
  • Dallas, Texas: Dr. William Rea

This list is very short. I’m sure there are others, but these are all I’ve heard about thus far.

4. Consult with Others Who Have EHS: “EMF Refugee” is a Yahoo group that connects people with EHS. Consider joining this, or networking in other ways with people who have EHS. Often the best advice you can get is from someone else who has already done some trailblazing that may benefit you.

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