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    TES 593 Radio Frequency Meter

    The TES 593 is a higher-end RF test meter for measuring the radio frequency (RF) fields from most modern wireless sources.   It has several important features including (1) a triple axis antenna, (2) easy conversion between different units of measure, and (3) the widest frequency range available to detect the most different kinds of RF sources with one instrument.

    However, this meter is now an older design that is not as effective at picking up the fast digital signal peaks of some of the newest RF technologies (such as 4G cell towers and phones).  Therefore, we recommend the Acousticom-2 or the Acoustimeter AM-10 for most purposes, because they are better at detecting these newer technologies.

    “This is the meter I usually recommend for very high field strength environments, such as near a cell tower or an FM radio station.  But for most people, the Acoustimeter AM-10 and the Acousticom-2 meters will: (1) be better at picking up the latest digital RF signals, even at very low levels, and (2) have an audio feature that is extremely helpful in determining sources.”  (Michael Neuert, EMF test engineer)

    Key Features and Specifications…

    • Name of Meter:  TES Model 593 Electrosmog Meter.
    • Certification: Every meter is individually tested by our staff for proper operation.
    • Test Meter Measures:  Radio frequency (RF) fields.
    • Frequency Range:  10 MHz up to 8.0 GHz.
    • Type of Antenna: Triple-axis (single-axis mode also available)
    • Type of Fields:  Both digital and analog RF/microwave fields.
    • Type of Display: Digital display, auto-ranging.
    • Features:  Instantaneous (peak), maximum (max peak) or average measurement modes.  Auto-ranging.
    • Units of Measure:  Microwatts per centimeter squared (µW/cm²), microwatts per meter squared (µW/m²), microamps per meter (µA/m) or millivolts per meter (mV/m).
    • Sensitivity:  Detects RF field strength as low as 0.001 µW/cm², 0.1 µW/m², 8.2 µA/m and 3.0 mV/m.
    • Easy to Use:  Both triple and single-axis sensing available.  Using the triple-axis sensor, you can hold the meter in any orientation and get a three dimensional measurement.
    • Battery:  Uses one standard 9 Volt battery (included).
    • Advertised Battery Life:  Up to 3  hours of use (in reality about 30 to 60 minutes).
    • Accessories:  Michael’s own easier-to-understand instruction guide and safety level recommendations,  manufacturer’s instructions, and carrying case.

    Important Feature #1 – Wide Spectrum up to 8 GHz:  Measures RF/microwaves from 10 MHz up to 8 GHz – one of the widest frequency ranges available for any RF meter.  This is important because some RF meters can only detect up to about 3 GHz, and then the 5.0+ GHz frequencies of newer cordless phones and Wi-Fi routers are simply not detected.  This meter detects the RF emissions from all FM and TV broadcast towers, all cell towers and cell phones, all cordless phones, all microwave ovens, all Wi-Fi routers, and most other digital devices in the modern wireless world.   (Please note that the frequency range of this test meter does not include frequencies below 10 MHz, such as AM radio broadcasting and some ham radio frequencies.   A special meter with a lower frequency range would be needed for this, such as the Alpha RF Meter.)

    Important Feature #2 – Triple-Axis:  The TES 593 is a triple-axis meter, which allows you to take quick and easy measurements.   Almost all lower cost RF test meters use a single-axis antenna to save costs.  Also, this meter has several very helpful measurement options such as the selection of instantaneous (peak), average, and maximum (hold) readings, plus many other helpful features.

    Important Feature #3 – Wide Sensitivity Range: The TES 593 is sensitive enough to detect both digital and analog types of RF fields.  It also has the ability to measure relatively strong exposure levels, such as that near cell towers and FM radio station towers.  It also has the ability to detect relatively low exposure levels, but is not nearly as sensitive for this purpose as the Acoustimeter AM-10 and Acousticom-2.

    Limitation #1: Does not have audio function to help determine sources.

    Limitation #2: Does not detect relatively low-level digital RF signals as well as the Acoustimeter AM-10 and Acousticom-2.

    In summary, the TES 593 is a higher-end meter for testing the radio frequency fields from most modern wireless sources.   It has many important features including:
    * high quality and dependability
    * good measurement of higher-exposure sources like cell towers, and FM radio towers
    * the widest frequency range available to detect the most different kinds of RF sources
    * triple axis antenna
    * detects both digital and analog RF fields
    * digital number display including MAX PEAK and AVERAGE functions
    * easy conversion between common units of measure
    * limitation: does not have audio function to help determine sources

    Sometimes also called “TES 593”, “8 GHz RF Meter”, “8 GHz Electrosmog Meter”, or also the “Extech 480846”.  Manufactured in Taiwan.