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How to Reduce the EMFs (from Splices) in Junction Boxes and Electrical Panels

By Michael R Neuert,, ©2020

Reduce the EMFs (from Splices) in Junction Boxes and Electrical Panels


Here are my instructions to help reduce the 60 Hertz (ELF) magnetic fields that are typically emitted from the splices made in junction boxes and other electrical panels. By reducing the magnetic fields emitted from each individual splice, the total magnetic fields from the entire junction box/panel can be greatly reduced.

There are three main kinds of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). The purpose of this document is to help you reduce the particular type of EMF that is of greatest concern when you are making splices in electrical boxes and panels. This particular EMF is called the ELF magnetic field. For more information, you can go to my website:

Magnetic fields are very difficult to shield. So the best way to reduce them, is to properly pair the hot and neutral wires together, so that the magnetic fields self-cancel each other. For more information about EMF cancellation, please see the addendum at the end of this document, which includes links to my demonstration videos.

Special Note on the Location of the Junction Box or Splice Panel:

If possible, locate the junction box/panel at least 6 feet away from any areas where people will spend a lot of time. This will not reduce the magnetic fields from the box/panel itself, but increased distance is one of the most effective ways to reduce EMF exposures to people. In most situations, the magnetic fields drop off greatly with increased distance, usually via the inverse square law. (For example, if you double the distance, the exposure level goes down by a factor of four!)

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