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Satya Giordano, CECT

Michael R Neuert, MA, BSME

Neuert Electromagnetic Services

Electrical Contractor License #687093

Schedule a Phone Consult with Satya Giordano


Phone appointments with Satya are available for new, existing and previous clients.

Please see his online calendar below to find open appointment times…

Satya Giordano is a Certified Electromagnetic Consultant and Technician (CECT), who has completed a two year apprenticeship program with Michael Neuert.  He joined us in 2014, and is now co-owner and manager of the EMF Center.

Important Note: Because Satya is an EMF technician and not an engineer or electrician, he cannot answer certain questions about electrical wiring, building construction, or magnetic shielding, that require technical electrician/engineering support.

Satya GiordanoSatya provides most of the initial onsite testing and shielding services, as well as phone consulting.  He has a great deal of on-site experience with clients, and is uniquely capable and creative in his ability to find innovative solutions to EMF issues.

Satya can help you with many EMF issues and questions: how to use your meter properly, what the numbers mean, and basically can give you guidance on simple strategies and shielding possibilities to help reduce the EMFs. For example:

  • Discuss options and alternatives regarding wi-fi and your internet service
  • Help figure out which circuits to turn off at night to reduce EMFs during sleep
  • How to shield your bed area to reduce electric fields from nearby wiring
  • Help you understand the sources of the EMFs in your home, and what you can or cannot do about them
  • And much more

Satya’s Rates and Online Phone Appointment Calendar, See Below…


Satya’s open dates are shown in blue, in the calendar below.  You may need to click forward to the next month for more options.  Select a time slot that works for you, being sure to choose your proper time zone.  If you do not receive an automatic confirmation email within 60 minutes of scheduling, please call us at 707-578-1645.

Satya’s minimum telephone fee is 10 minutes, or $20.  Phone time with Satya is billed at the rate of $120 per hour, but prorated for the actual time used ($2 per minute).  For example, 25 minutes would cost $50.

You should receive an automated email confirmation within 60 minutes after scheduling online.  If you are having trouble with the online calendar, please email us using the contact link in the header above, or call us at 707-578-1645. 


Our Consulting Policy:


Please understand that if you are asking questions about EMFs — for example about the potential health effects, suggested safety levels, how to reduce your EMFs, how much is emitted from specific sources like cell phones or power lines, or what you can do about these exposures — these are all consultation questions.  We will be glad to talk with you individually about any of these concerns, but we do charge a fee for our email and phone consultation time.

Of course there is no charge for asking about the training courses or services we provide.  But please note that we cannot answer questions about EMFs for free, as that is part of our consulting service.  There is a lot of free information on this website, and perhaps you will find some of your answers here.

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