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2021 Update: After 30 years, Michael is partially retiring from his work as an EMF consultant, and is no longer taking on new clients.  He continues to coach new students through the Q&As for the full eCourse, develop new EMF training materials, and consult with all of his previous clients.  Satya Giordano, Michael’s EMF apprentice and business partner for seven years, is now running the EMF Center.  He is accepting new clients, and is providing both on-site and telephone consulting services.

Phone Consultation with Michael Neuert (EMF Engineer)

Since 1992, Michael has guided hundreds of homeowners, renters, electricians, contractors, architects — and many clients with severe sensitivity and symptoms from electromagnetic fields — through the necessary steps to test and reduce their EMFs.

Michael’s Fees:  Phone consultations with Michael are billed at the rate of $180 per hour, and prorated for the actual time used (at $3 per minute).  For example the fee for 25 minutes would be $75.  There is a 10 minute ($30) minimum.

Special Note:  Most electricians, engineers, architects, and contractors are not trained or knowledgeable about EMFs, and how to reduce EMFs.  And many EMF testers do not have the electrical skills or engineering expertise needed to solve EMF issues.  Michael is unique in that he has skills and experience in both areas.

Phone Consultation with Satya Giordano (EMF Technician)

Satya Giordano

Satya Giordano, our test technician, is available for telephone appointments.  He was originally trained by Michael, and has been working with us since 2014.  His hourly rate is $120 per hour, also prorated for actual time used with a 10 minute ($20) minimum.

He can help you with many EMF issues and questions: how use your meter properly, interpret what the numbers mean, and give you guidance on simple strategies and shielding possibilities to help reduce the EMFs.  (Note: Satya is not an engineer or electrician, and may not be able to answer certain questions about electrical wiring problems or complex magnetic field shielding needs.) 

Schedule a Phone Appointment

To schedule a phone appointment, please click the “ONLINE CALENDAR” link above for Michael or Satya.  Once you are on our calendar page, you can see all our available phone appointment times, and reserve a time slot for yourself that is most convenient for you.  The online calendar is the easiest and quickest way to set up an appointment with either of us.

Examples of Common EMF Phone Topics and Questions:


EMF Levels: What levels are considered safe?
What measurements are relatively high, low or average when compared to other homes and offices?  How and when should I take measurements?

EMF Sources: How do I determine what is the source?
How do I determine if the EMFs are from nearby power lines, transformers, electrical wiring, buried water pipes, lighting fixtures, computers, appliances, cell towers, wireless routers, cordless phone base, or other EMF source?

Michael Neuert in officeWiring Problems: How do we fix problems with my electrical wiring?
How do I troubleshoot and repair the high EMF emissions that seem to be coming from my electrical wiring, my electrical meter panel, or even from my metal water or gas pipes?

EMF-Free Wiring: What is this? Is it expensive?
What are the special methods and materials needed to install shielded EMF-Free electrical wiring for my new home or remodel building project?

EMF Shielding: How do I install it? Does it need to be grounded?
How do I shield meter panels, breaker panels, refrigerators, TVs, computers, appliances, transformers, motors, wireless devices and other common EMF sources?  What special materials and instructions do I need to do this properly?

Computers: How do I test and shield my computer?
How can I measure the many different kinds of EMFs emitted by my computer?  How do I shield it?  How do I shop for new computer hardware with the lowest possible emissions?  How do I check if my computer system is emitting any unwanted wireless RF signals?

Easy, Low-Cost Alternatives: How do I do this on a budget?
How can I reduce the EMFs at a relatively low cost — for example, rearrange my environment, turn off certain circuits at night, and/or install home-made shielding with aluminum window screen?

Electromagnetic Sensitivity: I am very sensitive. What can I do to reduce my exposures?
What do I need to do if I am very sensitive to, or having obvious symptoms from, EMFs?  Based on experience with other sensitive clients, what special measures seem to be most important for EMF sensitive individuals like me?

Our Consulting Policy

Please note that we cannot answer questions about EMFs for free, as that is part of our consulting service.  We do provide a lot of free information on our website, so some of your answers may be found there.  Of course there is no charge for asking us about our consulting services or training programs.

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