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    EMF Solutions for Your Health! (eCourse)

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    Six Essential Steps to Wellness: How to Reduce Electromagnetic Fields and Protect Your Health! (live sessions begin February 8 and continue through March 15, 2017).

    Registration is still open:  You can register at any time, and watch previous recordings at your convenience, up to a year from your registration.

    A Health Care Approach to EMFs: You know that electromagnetic fields cause a wide variety of health problems – from headaches and sleep problems to hormone changes and cancer.  But figuring out what to do can be difficult and confusing.  This six-week webinar series will solve that problem and ANSWER ALL YOUR QUESTIONS!

    Each course module will present one of the six essential steps to “reduce EMFs and protect your health” using proven methods and a grounded scientific approach.  Taught by Michael Neuert, an EMF engineer and health consultant with over 25 years of professional experience with sensitive clients.

    This is the Perfect eCourse for…

    • Health-conscious individuals who want to protect their own health from the adverse effects of electromagnetic fields
    • Parents who want to protect their entire family, but need expert guidance to know what to do
    • Patients with health challenges and sensitivities related to EMFs, and issues such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Lyme Disease
    • Doctors, health practitioners, EMF activists/inspectors who want to support their clients with practical and proven health advice about EMFs and how to reduce EMFs

    You will Gain…

    • Clarity about EMFs: What they are, and the many ways they affect people
    • Training in EMF testing: What equipment is needed, what and where to measure
    • Knowledge about the measurement numbers: How to interpret your EMF test results
    • Guidance from an engineer about how to reduce EMFs: Basically, what works and what doesn't

    If You are a Doctor, Health Practitioner or EMF Tester, this eCourse will…

    • Save you time, cost and the overwhelm of trying to figure out an effective approach to EMFs by yourself
    • Familiarize you with the surprisingly diverse range of health effects linked to EMFs, and EMF sensitivity
    • Give you the confidence and understanding to support your clients with accurate testing and effective solutions
    • Increase your client satisfaction as they experience better health outcomes, as well as wiser use of their health budget
    • Meet your own needs for successfully supporting the health of your patients and clients in these challenging times
    • Everyone is welcome, open to all, health care focus


    New eCourse: EMF Solutions for Your Health — Six Essential Steps to Reduce EMFs and Protect Your Wellness!

    Description:  The six essential steps needed to protect yourself from unwanted electromagnetic fields — how to detect EMFs, determine sources, and reduce your exposure.

    Format:  Six weeks, one 90 minute module per week.  Each module contains 60 minutes of live instruction by Michael, followed by 30 minutes of Q&A.  Please bring your questions or email them before each class.

    Sessions:  The eCourse will begin on Wednesday February 8, 2017.  The live sessions will be on Wednesday evenings beginning at 5 PM Pacific, 6 PM Mountain, 7 PM Central, and 8 PM Eastern times (USA).

    Recordings: You do not have to attend the live sessions.  All sessions will be recorded and available within 24 hours, and then remain available for a full year.  You can email any questions you want to ask Michael ahead of the live sessions.

    Teacher: Michael Neuert, an engineer and health consultant with 25 years of professional experience testing and reducing EMFs, will review…

    1. The most effective approaches to reduce EMFs – helpful information for doctors, patients and everyone concerned about their health
    2. EMF exposure guidelines – typical levels found in homes, levels linked to cancer, levels needed for sensitive people to report relief of symptoms, etc.
    3. Recommended test protocols and instruments available for accurate assessment of EMF exposures
    4. Review of the scientific and anecdotal evidence regarding health effects and biological mechanisms
    5. The rising new health concern sometimes called “electromagnetic hypersensitivity”

    Electromagnetic fields:  EMFs are a rising concern for many health professionals and patients.  Human exposure to EMFs (from everything electrical and electronic in our modern world ) are increasing at exponential rates.  And there is a great deal of confusing and conflicting information available about EMFs.  This eCourse will provide practical solutions for all these concerns…

    eCourse Outline:  EMF Solutions for Your Health – Six Essential Steps to Wellness

    Module 1: Step One — What are EMFs and the Health Effects?

    • Three kinds of EMFs
    • Review of the many common health effects
    • Biological mechanisms
    • EMF Hypersensitivity
    • Case studies: EMF-sensitive doctors and clients
    • Q & A

    Module 2: Step Two — How to Reduce Magnetic Fields

    • Test instruments used to detect magnetic fields
    • Test protocols
    • Exposure levels guidelines – proactive vs hypersensitive levels
    • Common sources such as power lines and wiring errors
    • How to reduce magnetic field exposures
    • Shielding methods and materials – what works, what doesn’t work
    • Q & A

    Module 3: Step Three — How to Reduce Radio Frequency Fields

    • Test instruments used to detect RF fields
    • Test protocols
    • Exposure levels guidelines – proactive vs hypersensitive levels
    • Common sources such as cell towers, Wi-Fi routers and smart meters
    • How to reduce radio frequency field exposures
    • Shielding materials and methods – what works, what doesn’t work
    • Q & A

    Module 4: Step Four — How to Reduce Electric Fields

    • Test instruments
    • Test protocols
    • Exposure levels guidelines – proactive vs hypersensitive levels
    • Proactive vs hypersensitive levels
    • Common sources such as electrical wiring and lamp cords
    • How to reduce electric field exposures
    • Shielding materials and methods – what works, what doesn’t work
    • Q & A

    Module 5: Step Five — Understanding Dirty Electricity and Shielding

    • Dirty electricity – pros and cons for using DE filters
    • Dirty electricity – protocols for installing DE filters
    • The scientific approach: Test, test, test!
    • What is important to measure in different situations:
    • Magnetic fields from powerlines and wiring errors
    • RF fields from cell towers and wireless RF devices
    • Electric fields from bedroom wiring and computers
    • Q & A

    Module 6: Step Six — How to Use Earthing and EMF Protective Devices

    • Natural “earthing” – it does a body good!
    • Artificial “earthing” – when and why it sometimes hurts
    • Review of EMF health related products
    • Buyer “be aware” – It’s the Wild West of EMF health products:
    • Professional testing versus do-it-yourself testing
    • Special resources for doctors, patients and sensitive individuals
    • Q & A

    Discount price: $397 for the first (initial) offering of this 6-week eCourse series.  Live sessions begin on February 8, 2017.  You can register at any time, and watch the recordings of any sessions that have already taught, at your convenience. (Regular cost: $699)